Frankenstein Pumpkin





Introduction: Frankenstein Pumpkin

I grew up painting pumpkins, not carving them. Probably because they would last longer and it would be less of a mess for Mom to clean up. Keeping with what I know, I created Frankenstein!!

- Pumpkin

- Acrylic paint in green, white and black

- Silver polymer clay

- Liquid polymer clay or glue

If you would like to see more of my crafts, I have over 400 HERE!

Or you can find them on my YouTube Channel HERE!


Step 1: Paint Your Pumpkin Green. I Used a Christmas Green and It Was Dark, But a Good First Layer. Allow to Dry.

Step 2: Mix White and Green Together for a More Frankenstein Color. Paint the Whole Thing and Allow to Dry.

Step 3: Using a Smaller Brush, Paint on the Eyes, the Eyelids, the Brow, the Scars and the Mouth.

Step 4: Using the Polymer Clay, Shape a Piece Into the Head of the Bolt and One As the Cylinder Part. You Can Bake It Together by Using Liquid Polymer Clay, or You Can Glue Them Together After They Have Been Baked and Cooled.

Step 5: Glue Bolts On, or Just Place Them Under So You Can Use Them Again Next Year!

Step 6: Here Is the Video Tutorial, to Better See How It All Comes Together.

Step 7: I Also Did a Wicked Witch Pumpkin.



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    Soo cute, I love how you did the bolts for the Frankenstien! Thanks for sharing!

    Very cool but FYI teal jack o lanterns are a signal for gluten free options so you may want to make sure they're very green. Very fun idea though!