Introduction: Frankensteins Creation

I just had to do a half pumpkin half Frankenstein look! I hope you all enjoy and please subscribe to me youtube page, ~

Step 1: Sketch It Out

Picture of Sketch It Out

Using my white eyeliner I sketched out my look. Mainly the pumpkin side. Haha

Step 2: Pumpkin Side

Picture of Pumpkin Side

I used an orange body paint and covered the pumpkin side. (Using mehron body paint)

Step 3: Pumpkin Lines

Picture of Pumpkin Lines

Using a brown body paint I drew some lines, you know the ones pumpkins have. =P Also using mehron paint.

Step 4: Black

Picture of Black

I used black body paint to fill in the eye, nose, and mouth. Using wolfe body paint.

Step 5: Shadowing

Picture of Shadowing

Using a black matte eye shadow I shadowed around the eye and mouth and smudged them out a bit. Using Urban Decay in blackout.

Step 6: Brown Shadow

Picture of Brown Shadow

Using a brown eye shadow I shadowed around the lines to make them look more pumpkin-ish. Using BH cosmetics eye shadow.

Step 7: Highlight.

Picture of Highlight.

I took a yellow body paint and highlighted around the face. Using Mehron body paint.

Step 8: More Shadow

Picture of More Shadow

I used some more of that black shadow to deepen the brown shadows.

Step 9: Greeeeeen

Picture of Greeeeeen

I used green body paint on the other side of my face. Mehron body paint.

Step 10: Black Ear

Picture of Black Ear

I used black body paint to cover the ear on my pumpkin side, Wolfe effects paint.

Step 11: Face Detail

Picture of Face Detail

Using green eye shadow I used that to detail my nose, wrinkles, bags under my eyes, ect. I used BH cosmetics eye shadow for that as well,

Step 12: Black Detail

Picture of Black Detail

I used black body paint to go over some of those lines.

Step 13: Shadowing

Picture of Shadowing

I went over all the lines again with more green eye shadow.

Step 14: Stitches

Picture of Stitches

I used white body paint to draw the strings, then dotted each line with brown body paint, then used the black eye shadow to go under each line.

Step 15: More Highlight

Picture of More Highlight

I used more of that yellow body paint to highlight the Frankenstein side.

Step 16: Body

Picture of Body

To start off I painted one side orange and one side green.

Step 17: Pumpkin

Picture of Pumpkin

On the pumpkin side I just repeated the same steps.

Step 18: Frank

Picture of Frank

on mr.franks side I just contoured the bones.

Step 19: Stitch

Picture of Stitch

Then I repeated the same steps with the stitches.


JennaJMac (author)2016-10-03

Always look forward to your makeup looks!

MsMaoMaoz (author)JennaJMac2016-10-04

haha thanks!!

THEFIRSTBDC (author)2016-10-01

Got my vote...some of your best work IMHO! Simply would easily win "Face Off" - you should enter. ?? ?? ??

MsMaoMaoz (author)THEFIRSTBDC2016-10-02

Oh goodness I don't think i'm good enough for face off, maybe someday! That would be so cool!

gm280 (author)2016-10-01

The details with the stitches really sets the look off. I've seen some others do face painting looks, but you go the extra mile with the fine details and that is what makes yours look so much better and interesting. JMHO

MsMaoMaoz (author)gm2802016-10-02

Thank you so much~ =D

mifi (author)2016-10-01

I really like what you done....i may try something similar this holiday! thanks for the steps!

MsMaoMaoz (author)mifi2016-10-02

Thank you! I cant wait to see what you make. =)

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