Frappuccino on a Stick

Picture of Frappuccino on a Stick

Starbucks gave us the Frappuccino. 

I give you: Frappuccino on a STICK the next best thing to happen to a coffee drink!

The frappuccino is a super sweet, creamy, strong coffee drink blended with ice.
I know, I looked it up.  Seems like a perfect vehicle for a frozen treat!

Besides, what better way is there to control your daily intake of frappuccino calories than to make it yourself?   And freeze it.  And put it on a stick.   (brain freeze naturally prevents over-consumption!)

Follow this super simple frappuccino recipe to whip up a batch of your own frappuccinos on sticks.  They're yummier than you might think!  And if you're more of a mocha frappuccino person, we can help you with that too.

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Step 1: Ingredients

Picture of Ingredients

What you need to pull off this trick:
  • Strong coffee or espresso
  • Milk
  • Sugar
  • Cream (optional)
  • Popsicle trays or small cups and sticks
  • Chocolate syrup (for mocha frappuccino)
To kick things off, brew up some double-strength coffee or espresso!

Step 2: Froth up the Whip

Picture of Froth up the Whip

Frappuccinos come with something called "whip" on top.  I know because I've heard the friendly *$s baristas ask customers if they "want that with whip."  I took this to be some kind of whipped cream.  To simulate "whip," I mixed up some heavy whipping cream with a bit of sugar.  You can use milk instead.  If you don't have an immersion blender, a whisk will do.

Fill the tops of your popsicle molds with a little bit of whip and freeze.  This will give your frappuccino a nice topping of whip when it's done. 

If you're someone who says"no thanks" when the friendly barista offers you "whip," you may skip this part.
piperjon4 years ago
Scooch! Once again, you have saved the day for me. I now have an alternative to the cold coffee (meh) I've been making on these hot Arkansas summer mornings. The things you do when you have to have caffeine in the morning, eh? This is AWEsome! - Pj
Foaly7 piperjon4 years ago
AluraDankk1 year ago
Hooray! I love this 'ible, Love the suggestive pic even more *wink wink*
Hack42Moem2 years ago
I think I need to make these for someone's birthday...
this looks soooo good

yet another brilliant instrucatble Scoooch! YOU ROCK
benduy3 years ago
couldnt help breaking out into song... Ice Ice baby xD
JMccles4 years ago
I believe your 'pic' goes beyond the bounds of 'good taste'.
So I suppose you go to all the "make a gun out of X" instructables to say the same thing?
ah, I'm glad it wasn't just me who thought that instantly. :]
1990cujo3 years ago
sorry to say this but that looks way wrong
Sorry you're repressed. :(
I just made hot chocolate instead of coffee. It worked out great! thx
Gman1063 years ago
Lovein the idea its defiantly the next best thing to happen to coffee....
It looks so nice, I'm gonna have to try it, I'm a massive frappuccino fan!
Thanks for the Instuctable!! ^_^
DIS.AR.RAY4 years ago
I'm ghetto (in that I'm cheap and like to reuse or use random objects in place of other objects) so for anyone out there without a mould and sticks, I used shot glasses (both the tall/skinny and the short/wide kinds, it looked cool with the variations) with plastic spoons (the large spoon part that you use to eat with being IN the popsicle, and the handle being the handle) and it worked wonderfully :) Some of the skinny shot glasses were a bit to tin for the spoon to fit, so I cut down the spoons on the side and gave them a quick sand so there's no jagged edges and it was wonderful. :):):) Hope this helps any janky-crafters like me :D
and no one thought that the bit map looked pretty seductive
other than that nice instructable
mambrose4 years ago
These look delicious
That there is one lucky popsicle...
I love frappuccinos, but they are pretty expensive. I can't find anything to use as a stick, so I just drank it! Thanks for the great instructible! Five stars!
Too bad I gave away my Popsicle molds. These look delicious! I guess I could use paper cups, with chopsticks cut in half. =]
Buttons, your pic is so cute it makes ma head hurt! LOL
Thanks! Found the picture in a Google search and couldn't resist nabbing it.
they have them at the dollar store sometimes- and Michaels had some too- you only get 2 for a dollar at Michaels but they are larger sized- like a creamsicle size. Michaels and dollar stores have popsickle stix too- a couple of different sizes. And of course, yeah cups work... and you aren't spending money.
dianaw4 years ago
YUM! I just did something similar called Vietnamese coffee pops that I got online somewhere. BBasically just strong espresso coffee with condensed milk- which is sweetened. Its goooood.
I think term "frappuccino" is made up of "fr-" from frozen and "-appuccino" from cappuccino. Just my thought from holding a menu advertising "frozen cappuccino" and my thumb covered part of each word.
scoochmaroo (author)  lobotomy_leftovers4 years ago
Oh. Hey, yeah, I bet you're right. XD
squishoso4 years ago
Nice idea and sexy and suggestive lips! XD Your awesome!
Mr.Sanchez4 years ago
Looks yummy...the frapp too.
beckymcmath4 years ago
OMG these look heavenly. I adore iced coffee, and with our local weatherman proclaiming, "We tied the heat record today, but it'll be even warmer tomorrow!" a batch of these is DEF in order. Can't wait to try them!
water rat4 years ago
That picture is so hilariously obscene! I love it (and I'm a straight girl!) I loves the k9's too :)
Kaiven4 years ago
I've never had coffee... so how should I rate this? :P I'll give a star for the pictures, a star for the instructions, a star for the idea, a star for the grammar and spelling, and a star for the author, eh? :D
scoochmaroo (author)  Kaiven4 years ago

flattery will get you everywhere
Good to know :)
NeuroPulse4 years ago
Oh my goddess, what a sexy pic :-) Speaking of which, your profile used to have more pics! Where did they go?!
JohnJY4 years ago
Naughty, naughty! My dad loves frozen ice of coffee, for his cold coffees, so this is great! Thanks, but also, naughty, naughty. Haha...
ZackBlack4 years ago
Scooch you brat! You've done it again! Might I add that the first picture of you enjoying your homemade confection is somewhat - um - shall I say suggestive... It's why I called you a brat because I assume it was on purpose! ;)
scoochmaroo (author)  ZackBlack4 years ago
That picture was chosen by committee!
FireBud94 years ago
Can't wait to try!!! looks yummy.
Bokiniki4 years ago
Entomology means " study of insects", I suppose you ment etymology. tHanks for the instructable!
scoochmaroo (author)  Bokiniki4 years ago
I thought so too! But when I looked it up, it said entymology was the study of words! I need to double check my sources. Thanks!!
Actually, etymology means the study of where words came from, and how they came to be. Fedelity Bankis saying that you can trust it because the word fidelity ids derived from the Latin word "feder" meaning trust. that is the word's etymology. BTW awesome instructible.
bustedit4 years ago
you have nice teeths!!!
scoochmaroo (author)  bustedit4 years ago