I love to make quilts, especially ones that don't require batting, hand sewing and finished edges.

This instructable will show you how to make an easy frayed denim quilt that you can size to fit whatever bed, couch, wall, etc. that you can imagine.  It does take some sewing abilities but can be completed without too much effort and time.

Step 1: Step 1: Materials

Here is a list of all of the materials that you will need.

6 yards denim or scrap blue jeans
6 yards of your choice of fabric for back (I used flannel cut from an old shirt)
Matching thread
Denim needles (also called jean needles)
Sewing machine

Before you get started, make sure that your sewing machine is threaded correctly and that you have tried the thread and stitching on scrap pieces.  Easier to make a mistake on scrap and the fix than to try to fix the pieces that you are actually going to use.

<p>Thank you for the instructions that I can understand. I have lots of old jeans and have been wanting to make this quilt for years, I just hope my old sewing machine still works. Thank you</p>
<p>i just made a queen size one of these for my bed. instead of using squares for the backing, I used a solid sheet and tied it at staggered intervals.</p>
My experience with sewing has been limited to my business making custom covers for anything that needs to be covered. My 10 yr old daughter ask me a few weeks ago to teach her how to sew. Your instructions are very helpful and putting in the quilting lingo was fantastic. We have started a denim pillow and quilt set to go on my couch. I think we both are now hooked on quilting. My daughter ask me if we can make one for her bed when we get done with this.
nice thanks <br>
Very nice. I use flannel to make rag quilts for a baby blanket. They are very warm. 6 squares across and 9 squares long fits a crib. for a girl I usually use brown and pink, or brown spots and pink stripes, etc. Its a lot easier to make it this size instead of starting on something as big as a regular bed size. I love to do these. Its very calming for me.
very nice
Very nice instructable Qlibrarian! I needed something in denim to be able to throw over a small sofa, but couldn't find anything that I liked. This is perfect and won't cost me anything but time and effort. I'm going through everyone's old jeans now to find enough scrap to make one. Thanks!
I know this is a bit old but i thought i'd comment anyway! lol. I've been saving old jeans for quite some time to make a frayed quilt like this, I never thought to sew the back with it like that, what a great idea, and would save a bunch of time too. I love the blue and purple! the only worry i've had about making a denim quilt like is i wonder if a large king size would be too large/heavy for a regular top loading washing machine?
I would like to make a twin and use a flannel twin flat sheet how do i know how many yards or squars to use Help Thank you
Generally, twin comforters are 68&quot; X 86-92&quot; (depending on length preference). Since each square will be 5 1/2 inches when complete, you would want tyour quilt to be 13 X 16-17 squares (again depending on length preference). This would mean that you would want between 208 and 221 squares of each type of material. Hope that this helps. Also, you might want to use a full flat sheet to make sure that you have enough material with seam allowances.
What size quilt is this?&nbsp; I am thinking of making a king sized one, one of these days and wonder how many pairs of jeans I&nbsp;need to collect. LOL<br />
The quilt in the picture is a queen size.&nbsp; I was using my husbands jeans for this project and was able to get ten pieces (with extra) out of one pair.&nbsp; Granted he has long legs so that might not apply to everybody's jeans.&nbsp; When the sewing is done, each square should be 5 1/2 in. so that should help you measure for a king sized quilt.&nbsp; I like to go just a little longer on my measurements because I want a very functional quilt that will fit over two people in a bed with cover to spare for both people.&nbsp; Don't like it when the quilt is just small enough that it doesn't really cover both people.&nbsp; Hope this information helps.
Thanks for the step-by-step instructions.&nbsp; I love this Retro quilt -- very warm and easy to fit to any size need.&nbsp; Thanks!<br />
I am so glad that you like it.&nbsp; It is great and so warm.&nbsp; I can't wait to finish the one for my son.&nbsp; Can I ask that you vote for my project so that I&nbsp;can be considered for the judging aspect of this contest?&nbsp; I would apprciate it.&nbsp; Thank you!!!

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