Step 4: Repeat, re-lace and enjoy

Picture of Repeat, re-lace and enjoy
I repeated this process on each of the other three frayed ends, put them back in my shoes and happily reconnected with my favorite pair of laces.
VitorC32 days ago

Regardless of price, sometimes it's hard to find adequate replacements.

dsadinsky8 years ago
only costs a couple bucks? shoe laces only cost 99 cents. talk about missing the big picture...
I think that's actually only about a nickel or dime worth of heatshrink. A couple of bucks if you don't already own a hairdryer or bic lighter.
noahw (author)  dsadinsky8 years ago
I am part of a "shoelace collective" if you will, and some of our laces cost a bit more than 99 cents - but, if buying new shoelaces brings you happiness than by all means go for it! I had some attachment to these laces so I wasn't ready to part with them just yet.
Creaturiste5 years ago
Looks very neat, I must say. Very prscytical if you already keep shrink tubing in your inventory. Yet, for those who don't, we can fuse the ends of shoe laces very cheaply and quickly with hot glue. Apply to and around the tip of the frayed lace, then quickl;y roll it more precise with moist fingers that have been dipped in water.
zanfar8 years ago
Add some Paracord/550 Cord http://www.supplycaptain.com/store/index.cfm?fuseaction=category.display&category_id=19 and you have yourself a complete DIY shoelace that will last for years.

Note: if you use paracord, you can dispense with the shrinkwrap, paracord fuses on it's own when subjected to high heat. It won't look as good, however, so I would do both.