Introduction: Freaky Cheshire Cat From Alice in Wonderland

Only In Ur Mind:

Welcome to Only In Ur Mind. One of my good friends Michelle suggested to do a Alice in Wonderland make-up so I did the Cheshire Cat. I hope you all enjoy the wicked look cat.

Make-up used

Paradise face paint in red

Fab face paint: 144 Lemon Yellow, 105 bubble gum, 039 purple, and lalaland purple

Wolfe face and body paint in white

Diamond FX: neon violate

Music: YouTube

Step 1: Pre

Picture of Pre

I matted down my eyebrows using Elmers glue stick and power.

I used white eyeliner to map out where I would like the cats face.

Step 2: Filling In

Picture of Filling In

I used Diamond FX neon violate and FAB 039 purple for the cats head.

And 105 bubble gum for the around the cats mouth.

Step 3: More Filling In

Picture of More Filling In

-I used Wolfe white for the teeth.

-Paradise red for the nose

-and FAB lemon yellow for the eyes

Step 4: Outline and Add

Picture of Outline and Add

Outline everything on cat face like nose, eyes, and mouth.

Plus adds some eyebrows.

Step 5: More Outline and Adding

Picture of More Outline and Adding

Outline the whole face and add lines for teeth.

Step 6: Add Ears

Picture of Add Ears

-almost forgot cats ears.

Step 7: Body and Background

Picture of Body and Background

-Alternate pink and purple strips on neck.

-Use black to separate the pink and purple.

-And paint black for the background.

Step 8: All Done

Picture of All Done

Hope you enjoyed!


ArticAkita (author)2015-11-12

WOW!!! YOU ARE GOOD!!! @.@ My skin is too sensitive for colored face paint, that would be itch city on me! but that is so AWESOME!!!

thank you ArticAkita, I'm happy you enjoyed it. It can sometimes get itchy too.

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