(NO SEW!) Freddy Fazbear Costume





Introduction: (NO SEW!) Freddy Fazbear Costume

If you enjoyed this Instructable then please vote for it in any (or all) of the contests I have entered it in. It would really make me happy! I got the inspiraton to make this costume from a few places, and I have linked them below. You can still use my costume as an example if you choose to make your own. Let me know that you did by clicking the "I made it" button above.

Inspirations for costume:


Step 1: Materials Needed

The materials I used included:
e6000 glue
brown felt
flower pot
car sponges
old shoes
black, blue, and white acrylic paint
stiff black felt (for the hat)
black sweater
black pants
duct tape

optional supplies:
a prop microphone
Mesh (for the eyes)
a voice changer
blue LEDs, wire, a battery, and a light switch

Step 2: Make the Mask

For the mask, I used a tutorial by Iron Horse Cinema on youtube. I don't take credit for the idea at all.

Here is the link to how to make the mask: https://youtu.be/01qrnCRjihE

Step 3: Make the Shoes

To make the shoes, I cut strips of sponges and duct taped them to an old pair of shoes. Once you form it into the shape of the feet, you can spread a layer of fabric glue on the tape and cover the whole shoe in felt. If your feet are too large, you can paint the back of the shoes black to make them look smaller.

Step 4: Make the Hands

For the hands, find a pair of gloves. Black gloves would work best, but I only had white ones that I painted black.

I taped cardboard rectangles on the segments of each finger, then glued strips of felt over each finger. Lastly, I glued felt on the front and back of each hand, and stained it slightly to give it a withered look.

Step 5: Make the Legs

Each piece for the legs are made of cardboard pieces covered in felt. In the last picture, you can see all of the shapes you need to cut out. They can be attached to black pants with velcro or straps.

Step 6: Make the Torso and Arms

The torso and arms are made the same way as the legs. In the picture, you can see what shapes to cut out.


You can make or buy a prop microphone to go with the costume. I made this with a toilet paper tube glued to a bouncy ball, then I painted it black and covered it with duct tape. I later 3D printed a microphone, and painted the top silver (Last picture) and this looked much better. The model is one half of the microphone, so just print it twice. This was done to allow you to print it without support material.

I also added blue LEDs to the eyes. It wasn't necessary, but it made it look really creepy.

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i got a question can you make me a foxy costume

I'm glad you liked it, but unfortunately I can't just make costumes for people (I can barely even make them for myself!). I am currently finishing up on one now, and I am not ready to start a new one. There are plenty of tutorials on how to make your own, so feel free to try making your own. I promise, its really fun!

can you please do one for Foxy? He is my favorite character

Thanks, even if you dont do it, still thanks formreading this lol.


Hello! I'm glad you liked this costume! I didn't have any plans for making any more FNaF costumes in the future because this one took me much longer than I had expected. There is still a chance that I might make one in the future, but I haven't decided for sure on it yet.

Thank you,


Thank you! I'm glad you liked it!

hi. did you ever make more detail instructions? you've done a wonderful job. My son and I want to make this costume for Dragon*con this year. I'm sure I can figure it out from what you have here, but if you have more detailed directions it would really make my life easier. Thanks.

Ill be glad to add details! I'm glad you liked it! Which parts werent descriptive enough?

first...how long did it take you to build the costume complete?

feet - are the sponges just the toes? did the duct tape and felt encompass the bottom of the shoe as well?

legs & arms - how did you make the cardboard pliable to wrap around the leg/arm? How did you attach them to the pants to keep them from falling down? on the legs there is a small circle on the knees...is that just felt?

where did you get the bow tie? was that just store bought?

We are going to start getting the materials together and start this project soon, I do have until September to get it complete! (Dragon*con) Should I just start with the head? and go from there down the body?

any additional tips that may prove useful?

Thanks for your help. Jen

Thanks for clarifying! The whole project was spread out over the course of about 4-5 months, while working on it for an hour a day.

For the feet, I only added foam to the front of the shoe in strips, then I cut away chunks to round them. Each toe is one piece of sponge that was rounded with scissors. I wrapped the whole thing with duct tape to ensure that the glue sticks securely. The duct tape wraps all the way around the shoe, but the felt only goes to the edge.

To make the cardboard pliable, I wrapped it around a large cylindrical object multiple times. The cardboard sheets are wrapped in felt and Velcro to the pants with Velcro straps. This holds them on. The small circles are just knees that were added last second. They are just pieces of cardboard wrapped in felt that have been glued on.

The bow tie is a piece of cardboard in a bow tie shape that is covered in black felt. This is just glued on the chest piece. You could just buy one, but I had the materials to do it.

I suggest starting with the head, since that takes a long time, and it wouldn't look right without it. It is up to you though, since it is YOUR cosplay.

Please let me know when you finish it! I'd love to see it!