Step 5: Add Interactivity

Once you finish beautifying your frames, click on the SETTINGS at the top menu, here you will  be able to add the interactions. Click on the interaction button on the left menu and play with the drag speed, drag and check the speed in the actual shoogle on the right. Once you get your desire drag speed then you can check out the other options like if you want an slider, play button, etc.

You can enable the loop drag option to make the movie loop when is dragged. If you find that the sequence does not loop correctly because you have extra frames then just return to the FRAMES section and delete the extra frames by selecting them and hitting the DEL key.

You can also Invert the drag if you need to do it.

Tune the interaction to your heart's contend.

<p>I clicked on the &quot;sign up&quot; button and saw this, which makes me a little nervous proceeding.</p>
<p>do we have to export it to shoogle? or cna i host it myself?</p>
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Please let me know if you have any problems or get stuck at any point, also let me know what you hate and love about shoogleit or if anything needs changing. <br> <br>Cheers, <br>Stefano <br>Shoogleit.com team

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