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I use 9 volt batteries to power a lot of my projects so its nice to have a battery clip to connect to them
I get all of mine from dead 9 volt batteries and it only takes a minute to do
  • First you start by pulling back the metal edge around the top with a pair or pliers
  • After you have the top free there will be two strips of metal connected to the top, you can sometimes pull these off by hand but it's just as easy to use a pair of side cutters
  • Once you have the top free you can now solder on leads if you like or straight to a project.
  • You can also cover the solder joint¬†with hot glue to insult everything
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dmagryta124 (author)2014-07-17

I found that my solder couldn't stick to those metal contacts. I found a solution though: the snaps and contacts are fastened in a rivet-like fashion, so I just pryed open a crack between the metal halves, wrapped some wire around the crack, then pressed them back together with pliers. I also used a scrap cable with sockets from an old DVD player (these are in many appliances) cut in half instead of plain wire. This allows me to easily plug into the wire cables that are usually used for arduino or solderless breadboards. You could then solder other cable pieces to various electronic components; motors, lights, etc... Works great for simple circuits if you're too lazy to make a breadboard. (The same idea occurred to me when I was looking at a dead 9v battery.)

tylerjbolin13 (author)2013-03-23

Thank you for this 'ible I think it is very handy

Jason Bedard (author)2012-07-04

This has always's been a favourite trick of mine. I have something related I will post soon and I'll link it to your instructable so as not to duplicate.

joshmt2012 (author)Jason Bedard2012-07-04

alright sounds cool

mde santis1 (author)2012-06-28

That looks cool but could you give a little more instruction on how to do it?

joshmt2012 (author)mde santis12012-06-28

Okay thanks for telling me, I added some do you think that's good?

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