Picture of Free 9V connector
Do you need a 9V connector, but don't have any lying around the house.... all you need is an empty 9V battery

Step 1: What do you need

Picture of what do you need
you will need:

discharged 9V battery

2 pieces of wire


soldering iron + solder


shrink tube

Step 2: Taking the pieces you will use

Picture of Taking the pieces you will use
take the battery and gently prize it apart with the pliers, you will need only the top part with the connectors (it is usually made of plastic), at the bottom there are two metal strips going to the + and - connectors, you can take them away as they are not essential to this project... when you are done you will only have the plastic with the connectors. you can cut some of the plastic away if you want

Step 3: Soldering

Picture of soldering
you are ready to start the soldering, take two pieces of wire and solder them to the back side of the connectors

Step 4: Cover it with shrink tubing

Picture of cover it with shrink tubing
I noticed that the best way to cover it is with a shrink tube, you will need a tube 2-3 centimeters longer (1 inch) than the connector. shrink it around the connector leaving some tube on both sides. cut the holes in the tube where the connectors are (the - connector must not have any tube around it as it has to go into the hole of the - connector on the battery, this is not important for the + connector)

Step 5: Info

Picture of info
i know that there may be other videos about this. if someone feels i stole his idea.... i did not.

this project is very basic becouse it is my first instructable, the next instructable will be: "how to make an IR nightvision camera" which i built some time ago

S1L3N7 SWAT6 years ago
Great idea, I've never thought that before. Makes so much sense.
wow...just wow, u haven't thought of this? i thought f this when i was 3!
You, sir, are a troll.
Ironic, really
tomasys (author)  bobwantzanapple6 years ago
I have never claimed the idea was mine, it's not. I have only illustrated a different way of making the connector
i was talking to swat!
Sure you did buddy.
shikaku6 years ago
This has been posted before. Please check before you post
mikedoth6 years ago
I love tihs, recycling something you'd normally toss.