Picture of Free 9V connector
Do you need a 9V connector, but don't have any lying around the house.... all you need is an empty 9V battery
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Step 1: What do you need

Picture of what do you need
you will need:

discharged 9V battery

2 pieces of wire


soldering iron + solder


shrink tube

Step 4: Cover it with shrink tubing

I noticed that the best way to cover it is with a shrink tube, you will need a tube 2-3 centimeters longer (1 inch) than the connector. shrink it around the connector leaving some tube on both sides. cut the holes in the tube where the connectors are (the - connector must not have any tube around it as it has to go into the hole of the - connector on the battery, this is not important for the + connector)

Step 5: Info

Picture of info
i know that there may be other videos about this. if someone feels i stole his idea.... i did not.

this project is very basic becouse it is my first instructable, the next instructable will be: "how to make an IR nightvision camera" which i built some time ago

S1L3N7 SWAT6 years ago
Great idea, I've never thought that before. Makes so much sense.
wow...just wow, u haven't thought of this? i thought f this when i was 3!
You, sir, are a troll.
Ironic, really
tomasys (author)  bobwantzanapple5 years ago
I have never claimed the idea was mine, it's not. I have only illustrated a different way of making the connector
i was talking to swat!
Sure you did buddy.
shikaku6 years ago
This has been posted before. Please check before you post
mikedoth6 years ago
I love tihs, recycling something you'd normally toss.