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The last word......Nothing to beat Photo shop......all other photo edit software are child's play.

Can you use GIMP or the other programs in videos? I wanted to get photoshop originally for gun effects, but I was hoping this would work.

GIMP can work for these applications. note that for effects you should create your dimensions to match your video, ie 720x480. simply create your image, import it to your video editor, and keyframe it.

I read down, and saw your question about Green Screen. Chroma Key, or green screen,is usually handled by the video editor. Avid's Pinnacle Studio, Adobe's Premier Elements, Apple's Final Cut Express, and Nero Multimedia Suite 10 should handle these effects described.

another way to do graphics is to use a program such as Anime Studio Debut. simply do all of your effects that you want in that program, export your scenes, and cut them together. that program has a bit of a learning curve, so be prepared to figure it out.

Another good program for special effects is Blender. It is an open-source 3D modeling program, and is found at this program has a steep learning curve, so don't expect to create the next Avatar. however, for short sequences, it works just fine!

I am an aspiring film major (still a freshman in college), so I run Final Cut Studio. however, any of the effects that I just described should work in any of the programs listed.

hope this helps!

There is a version of GIMP for video editing called CinePaint. It forked from GIMP somewhere around 2000 and is from what I understand a good, feature-rich program.

thanks man! I'll try it! Also, could you use it like for green screens? or is there a special program for green screens?

I haven't looked at cinepaint for a long time, but the website indicates not yet: "CinePaint is a paint and image retouching program that today is mainly used for dustbusting, that is, manually cleaning dust off 35mm film scans. The architecture of CinePaint is a core program, a library of service routines, a procedural database (PDB) with a wire interface, and program resources. Resources include brushes, gradients, palettes, patterns, plug-ins, and scripts. There are rc settings control files for core, gtk, menus, and plug-ins. Fundamental to the core of CinePaint is the frame buffer, and for scalability that is operated upon as tiles. CinePaint has its own tile cache. "CinePaint does not currently support motion picture editing, compositing, morphing, rotoscoping, or blue screen mattes. However, there are ideas in that direction. "CinePaint seeks to support all popular operating systems including Linux, Macintosh, and Windows."

i used to have the same wallpaper. Got it from Interfacelift :P

Artweaver is another free alternative to Photoshop. It has a similar layout opens PSD files and has a lot of the same shortcut keys. Windows only.