Introduction: Free Bike, Bicycle, Low Profile Cell Phone Holder

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I love to ride but did not have a way to safely carry my phone. The other day I saw this koozi sitting on my desk and the light came on.

I also used picture hanging wire from the dollar store.

Step 1: Thread Your Wire.

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The best place to mount it is on the handlebar/stem, take the appropriate measurements and mark thee koozi with a marker.

Thread the wire to be wrapped around the handlebar on each side of the stem.. This was a trial and error process until I got the right location for the wires.

Since the koozi is made out of foam, just push the wires through the koozi.

I threaded two pieces of wire at the top and one at the bottom to be wrapped around the stem (see second picture).

Step 2: Go Street Riding

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After wrapping and trimming the wires, you are set to go riding on the road while having your phone in a safe place.

Step 3: Go Mountain Biking

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If you are going to hit the trails, it's better to fasten your phone to prevent it from coming out due to bumps or what not.

I made a small strap out of a "1/2 in. buckle" I had in my pile of junk or you can buy them a Hobby Lobby or Walmart,. I I also cut a small piece of rubber from an old inner tube.

Fasten your phone and you are ready to go.

You could also use this to carry a small bottle of water or any other items.


shootr (author)2017-06-04

Simple, sweet - hard to beat! Well done!

3366carlos (author)shootr2017-06-07

than you.

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