Introduction: Free Cable Ties

Have some long and annoying cables lying around? Who doesn't. These ties seriously take under a minute each to make, are free, and will work for a long time.

Duct Tape
Safety Pins

Step 1: Preparing Duct Tape

Take a piece of duct tape that is long enough to fit around your cables. Fold it in half.

Step 2: Assembly

Wrap the folded duct tape around your bundle of cables and poke the safety pin through. Try to get it as close as you can to the wires for a tight fit. That's it. You're done. How exciting.


gserrano701 (author)2011-08-23

I like it, cheap, simple and practical. Congratulations.

xhmko (author)2009-11-30

I just posted my first instructable about how to re use cable ties after you've already tied them up.

check it out

rickdf (author)2009-05-23

Dunno what's up with the negative comments. It's simple, cheap and re-usable. I like it. Good job. //rick//

boognishmofo (author)2008-08-15

!!!!WTF!!! You gotta be able to come up with better than this. How bout a plastic grocery bag ripped and stretched taught to make string. Or plastic wrap works the same way. I use plastic wrap as rope when ever I forget to wear a belt. Most people nowadays have the best invention ever made "zipties"

scott113341 (author)boognishmofo2008-08-15

Ok... Well, I don't just use these for 6' cables. I also have one of these for my 100' ethernet cable, for which a zip tie would be too short. I'm sorry if my Instructable has failed you...

davidprosser (author)scott1133412008-10-11

You can get zip ties as long as 36 inches right here...

scott113341 (author)davidprosser2008-10-11

Ok... for $12 plus shipping. These are made out of duct tape. If you don't want to make them, then don't.

mwwdesign (author)2008-07-11

Duct tape is pretty sticky. You don't need pins.

scott113341 (author)mwwdesign2008-07-12

Well, the point of folding the tape is so the stickiness doesn't come off on your cables if you're picky about that sort of thing. :-)

Babyshoes (author)2008-06-25

It's not free if you have to buy the duct tape ;)

barista (author)Babyshoes2008-06-27

It is if you [ahem] liberate the materials

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