Children love a cardboard box playhouse.  Usually they are built, played with for an afternoon and then thrown away, or hopefully recycled.  This Instructable will show you how to make a playhouse that can be built using only two bicycle boxes, in about five minutes, that can be flat-packed for storage, so you can reuse it again and again.

Step 1: Materials

All you need is two bicycle boxes.  That is it! 
Cardboard boxes really are the best toys. :)
They are even more fun when you have a child to make them for.<br><br>Thanks for the comment,<br><br>Charles
Ditto! I still love cardboard houses! I want one in my size!
<p>ha!<br>count me in!</p>
I made a geodesic one big enough for adults, but I didn't take pics. If I make another, I will definitely make an Instructable.<br><br>Thanks for the comment,<br><br>Charles
<p>My child will totally love one of these!</p>
<div> Perfect Playhouse! Heres&nbsp;another one but smaller...</div>
That's funny! I must try this with my daughter :)
I am glad you like it. You and your daughter will have loads of fun making and playing with your play house. Please post a photo of your finished house.<br><br>Thank you for the comment,<br><br>Charles
i will create one during my day off! my 2 toddlers will go crazy for sure! its cheap and its safe! thanks :)
Even better than cheap....FREE! Remember to thank the guy at the bicycle shop that gives you the boxes. Have fun with your toddlers.<br><br>Thanks for the comment,<br><br>Charles
Free FUN, no frills= HAPPY Child! (Your little girl is simply adorable, too.;-)<br><br>Five Stars!!!
She is adorable. She has a big wooden play house, but sometimes she asks for the little house and she just loves the door and windows.<br><br>Thanks for the comment,<br><br>Charles

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