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In this instructable i will teach you how to convert any DVD movie or movie on to your ipod for 100% FREE OF CHARGE

Step 1: What You Need

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- DVD Decrypter ~ http://www.mrbass.org/dvdrip/ Once at this site click on "SetupDVDDecrypter_3.5.4.0.exe" to download. Download it and install.

- Videora iPod Converter ~ http://www.videora.com/en-us/Converter/iPod/download.php

NOTE: Videora iPod Converter V 0.91 is the preffered version to use but not to worry the newer versions should work fine. . .


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RedFlash5 years ago
You don't have to tell it to output it to one file. You can rip the files individually and then (of all things) join them together in command line Using this command: copy /b "a.vob" + "b.vob" "c.vob" You can also do it with more than two files.
finleym506 years ago
Unbiased reviews and side-by-side comparisons ofiPod ConverterSuite gives you enough information to research the ins and outs of a particular product, It can help you decide which iPod Converter Suite is the best to meet your needs.
Ian+Siobhan7 years ago
Okay, so I've been stuck @ 99% for over an hour now...it was speedy to get to the 99% (maybe 30 min tops) but I'm starting to get the feeling it's not gonna hit 100%. I raised the CPU usage to above normal for 1/2 hour in hopes that would help it finish up..but alas it was all for nothing. So I brought it down to just below normal...time elapsed: 1 hr, 52 min...any thoughts? I know how these progs can get hung up, ive been using dvd decrypter and dvd shrink for a few years but this is just nuts.
rickick (author)  Ian+Siobhan7 years ago
this had happened to me also, it depends on what kind of DVD you are converting this will normal happen with home made DVD'S or recorded DVD'S (the use of a DVD recorder attached to your television recording shows etc.) The bottom line is do not worry about it if all works in the end. This has happened to me as I have made many home videos, all that I do is leave my computer ON overnight and when I get back in the morning my movies are done. This is a great way to get those movies done so your not waiting around for hours!!! May I also suggest if you do this that you Queue other movies if you have more than one and it may go quicker and you will have more movies finished. Another thing is that the amount of time that your Movie takes to convert Depends on how high you put the quality of the sound and video. HINT: after your done check the "Shutdown after Conversion Is Complete" box to prevent hassles. RICKICK,
wxyztu rickick6 years ago
i pressed that button and after i re-logged in to my computer and couldn't find the video in my ipod. it was 4mb and i made the quality things all the way. how do you find it ?? thnxs
rickick (author)  wxyztu6 years ago
were you outputting it directly to your ipod? because that would be wrong, you are supossed to save the file to a folder on the desktop! in in your documents!
dvd shrink is great and i have never had any problems with it
PSPerson6 years ago
singju6 years ago
I always use Tipard DVD to iPod Converter. It is really excellent with super fast conversion speed and with lossless of quality of your video and audio for you to enjoy your DVD on iPod anywhere and any time.
For more informaion please come to: http://www.tipard.com/dvd-to-ipod-converter.html
It is easy to operate. Just few clicks are OK. Here is the specific guide for you to follow: http://www.tipard.com/how-to-put-dvd-movies-on-ipod.html
Hope it helpful for you.
looks complicated...but worth the time :) will it work with rented DVD's? blockbuster or w/e...
No, It's ILLEGAL to do to a rented DVD
not in Canada!
rickick (author)  Bartboy7 years ago
I am Canadian
Bartboy rickick7 years ago
Bartboy Bartboy7 years ago
............. join my Canadians group!
it is in england, but if you own it it isn't
hmm, odd
are you serious? i LIVE in canada! :D
ok but is it possible?
no, they are protected
k :(
rickick (author)  SunShine.11117 years ago
It is worth an attempt
Are you saying that you are sad that you cant do something illegal
rickick (author)  rootbeerben37 years ago
they are protected but the Decrypter may take the video and audio portion
rickick (author)  SunShine.11117 years ago
rickick (author)  SunShine.11117 years ago
It Does// It Should But i am telling you that i am not liable or responsible for anything that you guys do. its up to you!!
timmy1234s6 years ago
this is nice, but wont you be violating copyrights to the DVD? Is this legal?
never mind, i decided to avoid any such hassle and am downloading Videora anyways. but for future references, again, why Videora? is it because of the output format of the Ripper? because i can't say i've heard of .Vow before. Thanks again. 22% ! and in a couple minutes, too!
rickick (author)  thatdamnNathan7 years ago
Videora because it may take some time but it gets the job done properly when you know how to use it. Oher programs are also not free of charge.
videora is a good application but i wouldnt say it is the best.
look at my instructable here on how to use DVD shrink and another piece of software
i did everything your instructions say to do and i still get an IFO file and a VOB file what should i do?
open the .ifo file
ploofpixie7 years ago
does it work on the first nano
no it does not it has to be on a video nano to work except for the 3rd gereation nano
rickick (author)  ploofpixie7 years ago
if by the most recent version or nano that can support video then yes!! It works better than on the older video iPod (I find!)
tycoonman7 years ago
Hey, great tutorial, but I think a better way is to you cuscof dvd to psp converter!
rickick (author)  tycoonman7 years ago
lol :)
ryneayers7 years ago
how long does it normally take
rickick (author)  ryneayers7 years ago
it may take a while it normally depends on how much CPU you use and how long your movie is. it could take anywhere from 5min-2hours
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