did you know some companies will ship you free electronics like leds for free?

here are the sites i used and some i picked up alng the way

Step 1: rules

They are some rules you should know before you start getting free samples from the companies:

* You should never ask for more than you need. .
* Taking free samples from the companies and selling them on places like ebay is nt good,simply dont do it
* Just to be fair to the companies where you got your samples from.

Thank you for sharing the lists of places I can obtain free samples.I am learning about electronics concepts by reading instructables. I am comfortable purchasing the parts knowing these are businesses. I am glad that this sites have been listed so I can & check out their catalogs, make purchases according to my project needs. Thank you again for sharing the site links. Onward!
I found this awsome site that lets me earn stuff online. <br>Its cool because all my stuff gets ordered thru amazon.com; or I can cash it out with paypal! <br> <br>Check it out! <br> <br>http://www.points2shop.com/?ref=uin1331656380
I can't find samples at SunLED :/,<br> i really need some LEDs for my projct
Here you go<br>http://www.sunledusa.com/Samples&amp;Quote.asp<br><br>Assuming your in the US.
anything for poor Canadians? who loves not to pay for shipping
&nbsp;NKK switches does samples but you have to go through their maze to get them.
not really, its just that they recently formed a partnership with mouser electronics so you may have to order from them.
i also found that out
how do i sample for a relay at this website:<a href="http://www.hascorelays.com/" rel="nofollow"> http://www.hascorelays.com/</a> <br /> i need a 5v electromagnetic DPDT relay for this i'ble: <a href="../../../../id/Mousebot-Revisited/" rel="nofollow">www.instructables.com/id/Mousebot-Revisited/</a> <br /> I've been looking at it for a while and I'm stumped..&nbsp; I also am making this on a IC PCB from RadioShack, so i need it to have the correct pin arrangements...<br /> I just need the part number to use in the form!! Thanks!!
Did you sample THAT???<br />
More of a <a href="http://www.instructables.com/tag/?sort=none&amp;limit%3Atype%3AforumTopic=on&amp;q=free+samples" rel="nofollow">forum topic</a> than an instructable, methinks.<br /> <br /> At least, it could have gone in the comments of <a href="http://www.instructables.com/tag/?sort=none&amp;limit%3Atype%3Aid=on&amp;q=free+samples" rel="nofollow">existing Instructables on the subject</a>.<br />
With all this free-stuff do you have a project coming-up?<br /> <br /> L<br />
maybe im a bit busy at the moment , publishing old instructables
The free samples marketing programs, were intended for people who would eventually purchase bulk quantities.&nbsp; Unfortunately, with the internet, Ebay, and a hand-out society, there has already been a lot of abuse, and it's been getting more restrictive to get samples.<br /> <br /> This is a pretty sore topic for me, I'm pretty active on several electronics forums.&nbsp; We had new members who sign up, just because they just received a shipment of free parts, and want to know what they are, and what they can build with them.&nbsp; Some have never even soldered.&nbsp; Some have gotten microcontrollers, but have no programmer, programming experience, and very minimal electronics.&nbsp; We've even had a few trying to sell parts, willing to obtain what they don't have on hand.&nbsp; Really don't like the posts, about how to lie your way through the request survey, to improve your chances.&nbsp; If you have to lie, it's stealing.<br /> <br /> Anyway, you need a real Email address, be a student at the very least, and quite a few places are charging shipping and handling.&nbsp; Leach while you still can...<br />
Exactly!<br /> <br /> And I bet half the people who order a ton of free components have no plan on what they're going to do with them once they get them.<br />

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