Introduction: Free Energy/ Cellphone Detector (From Cellphone Antenna)

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This simple circuit is able to detect signal from your cellphone antenna and converts it to electricity to power an LED ( the best thing about this is that its completely passive and doesn't require batteries ) this circuit requires: RF diode ( search ebay for: RF diode or microwave diode) LED Peace of wire Solder I have Noticed that it only detects phones working on (EDGE), ocasionally works on 3G I have a low knowledge about RF but I think it has to de with the shape and/or length of antennas. So if you can contribute to make it work better please do so. ( this is based on a video i saw a long time ago on you tube ) the video had no instructions. here is the link (RF energy, LED, tesla, passive, electricity)

Step 1: LED+RF Diode

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First Solder the led parallel to the Rf diode

Step 2: RF Diode+ LED+ Wires

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Solder One peace of wire to each end of the RF diode which will work as antenna

Step 3: Make a Call and Put the Circuit Next to Phone

The LED should Light up if the circuit is close enough to the phone while making a call.
I noticed that this works only if you are on EDGE .
If you are on 3G it only works occasionaly and the LED is very DIM


mx28 (author)2014-03-25

can I find this diode or one that will work in a microwave? like one in a kitchen? I read somewhere else that some schottky diodes in parellel (or could be in series) will do the same thing. if I remember correctly the diodes part number was 1ss86? not sure. I just want something that simply lights up when I get a call/text.

slimjed (author)mx282014-04-03

Hi. Sorry for the late response but I just came across your comment . I I have not come across diodes that are rated for that frequency range.
Your microwave oven operates at 2.45 GHz which is in the range of wifi ( 2.4 GHz to 2.48GHz). I guess if you can find one that is rated for that range, it might work next to your microwave oven.

neuralfirings (author)2011-10-29

Hi! I found a back of RF Switching Diode (35V/100ma)--is that the type of RF Diode used in this project?

Here's the link:

awsomehighvoltage (author)2011-06-16

will this work if placed be a wifi router or other RF source?

It only works with frequencies on the orders of hundreds of mega hertz ( less than one gig) .wifi runs on 2.4 gigs so it won't work.

zack247 (author)2011-04-07

does it have to be an RF diode? if so, what devices might have one in them?

slimjed (author)zack2472011-04-08

Some people say that it would also work with germanium diodes. I have tried germanium diodes but it didn't work for me . I bought these rf diodes off of eBay ( 4 diodes for $12 ) I honestly don't know where they can be found.

-max- (author)2011-03-06

interesting connect one end of the diode/diode to ground and replace the RF diode with a germanium diode. it may work better and replace the led with a joule thief. it might be brighter

slimjed (author)-max-2011-03-07

Thanks for your input max
I will try your I dea and upload my results

-max- (author)slimjed2011-03-07

The germanium diodes are very hard to com across but you can find them in very old am radios and all over ebay (1n34a is a very popular one) also try schottky diods they have very low drop voltages (more than germanium diodes) but have a higher leakage curent.

slimjed (author)-max-2011-03-08

I just found out they sell germanium diodes at my school! I picked up few today and they were pretty cheap. There are few circuits I wanna build .:)
So the mod you suggested should be grounded to real earth ?

-max- (author)slimjed2011-03-08

What school do you go to!? That's epic. What is the part number?

slimjed (author)-max-2011-03-08

i go to George Mason University ( in virginia)
the diode is 1n34. they are clear diodes.

-max- (author)slimjed2011-03-08

Well there are better ones out there but 1n34A is a VERY popular can just go to your local electronics store to get those rare diodes. How mush was each?

slimjed (author)-max-2011-03-08

they were 10 cents each. so they won't do a good job?
i have looked for the 1n34A for years at radioshack but no chance,

-max- (author)slimjed2011-03-09

as i said they are rare i have not found anyone of store selling them that isn't on-line. i have slowly learned that radio-shack only sells very very general popular electronics ind the electronics they do sell are very expensive. (compared to ebay) there all different kinds of germanium diodes all with different specs it all depends on what you are doing.

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