Picture of DIY Flash Diffuser with Hundreds of FREE Color Filters
Want to diffuse the flash and add some color to your photos at the same time? This quick and dirt-cheap trick will get you there.

Take pictures in hundreds of different colors using free filters

Flash diffuser that holds colored filters, and showing you how to get HUNDREDS of free gel inserts!!!! to take color altered photos

All these pics have NO out of camera modifications, just a colored flash

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Step 1: Preview of finished product

Picture of preview of finished product
this is what we'll be making today.
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longp20007 months ago

nice cannisters.

Cooley6438 months ago
Have got to admit, only clicked this for the first picture
jennyo2 years ago
Very cool! Almost impossible to locate film canisters though. I did find canisters online at http://www.filmcanisterrockets.com

this one is going to be fun:)
nice snapshot colors.
TheNimrod7 years ago
hey I was just wonder what film brands use the clear canisters?
i'm pretty sure fujifilm does.
Kodak uses them.
Sorry but Kodak uses a black top with a grey canister.
so does easypix
The Lee filters link is bad. Can't find a new good link.
Lee pack seems to no longer be free. $2 USD.

jmerlin3 years ago
Apollo sent the gel and catalog in less then a week. woot.
yaly4 years ago
I sent for both filter packages and the one from lee filters came after a week and the Apollo gels didn't come till now.
thanks sent of the filters and going to try when they get here!
Ghost Wolf4 years ago
ALIEN!!!! It's trying to get our skin pigment right kill it quick!
patnat4 years ago
i would stay taken pictures if i could have her in every shot !
Soxbleed4 years ago
Ordered my swatches from Apollo and they came in about 3 weeks! Im impressed. free free free! THANK YOU
ali12344 years ago
Yes, the green pic is the best. very hot girl. i think its a nice color effect,too.
Batness4 years ago
Lee no longer sends out free swatches via that link.
twocvbloke5 years ago
errrrm, what was this 'ible about, I got totally distracted by the interesting piccies at the end... :P
Ubuntu20095 years ago
Photoshop or Gimp could do this?
Shut Up Now5 years ago
she looks the best in the pink photo, imo. I think the majority of the comments on this ible are about the gorgeous girl, and not flash diffusing.. :P
peytonjr5 years ago
I understand the allure of several hundred free little pieces of colored plastic. That said, I highly encourage anyone considering this to obtain their swatchbooks or gels at a real "brick and mortar" store, perhaps even buying them. I'm sure these businesses - which specialize in distributing lighting equipment would love to have your business, and could even sell you some legitimate and useful lighting accessories. Many of these stores are willing to give you a swatchbook with your purchase. Continued abuse of the gel companies' gracious offer of a free swatchbook has resulted in it being more difficult for legitimate lighting designers to get them, as companies (such as Rosco) decide to stop offering, or instate a charge. If you find the use of a gelled flash absolutely necessary, I'm certain that you could also find a trip to the store necessary.
pukid6 years ago
lol maybe the model isn't "meant" to be provocative.... but she sure is easy on the eyes. Thanks for the links!! Want to know some more bad form from Rosco? They charge for their sample books... wanted $7.50.
peytonjr pukid5 years ago
They started doing this because lots of people suddenly wanted free swatchbooks. hmm...
This diffuser works very well. I used material purchased from lowes. If you don't want to use tinfoil to project more light, cut up a Mylar party balloon. I used the inside of a doritos bag I ate while working on the project.
Placed an order for a swatchbook with Apollo yesterday under the guise of being a museum lighting tech. They got back to me within 18 hours telling me my materials were in the mail. Thanks for the link and the fine I'ible!! Can't wait to try out my new diffuser gels!!
FumaKilla5 years ago
yep it work best for shooting in B&W.
BTW the sample shot  force me to write this : she's hawt ! 
ian875 years ago
add a layer of diffusion paper (if unavailable then greaseproof cooking paper will suffice) that will cut out the shadows on the wall.  Great instructable. Thanks!
I'm having a little trouble understanding this step is the gel on the inside or outside of the film cannister. Thanks so much for putting this up though. It has saved me a whole lot of money.
it goes inside.. thats why he cut the arc out in the lid... makes it so you can slide the gels in and out easily
myndliss5 years ago
So, I did everything you said to do on the instructable, and the color is great, but when it lights up, i can't see the girl in the bikini with mine? Did I do something wrong?
I'm wishing i had not thrown out my roscolux gel book thing... man... It was thick too! ><
that's what she said
...Please tell me you said that ironically. Please.
 Yeah had the same problem with my 500D
sjoobbani5 years ago
kseaa5 years ago
Damn hottt!!! I forgot what I was here for?!! LED yea that true :P
Jburk02105 years ago

You do know about 10,000 teenagers just reached for the tissues.
I am a fan of the pink photo . She is a Beauty

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