Introduction: Interactive Projection, Pong Game


Interactive projection for kids, for fun, different effects, games and much more....

Step 1: Download Main Software

Picture of Download Main Software

Main Software consist of main control box, Run This software on Your Computer.

Software Download Link (Freeware) No Limits

Step 2: Download Some Animations

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Animations are run on Projector or secondary screen where you can interact with your hands.

Water Effect Animation Link (Freeware No limits)

Step 3: Hardware Setup

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1. Web Camera

2. Projector or Laptop

3. Software

4. Place camera as shown in diagram opposite placement is also possible (Laptop camera and screen can work)

Step 4: Run All Your Softwares

Picture of Run All Your Softwares

If you have difficulty please comment...Software is free for lifetime no evaluation period

Its made for fun visit my blogs


seamster (author)2015-05-30

Very cool! Everyone loves Pong. This is is great!

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