Free Light from Heat - peltier, buyable joule thief

Picture of Free Light from Heat - peltier, buyable joule thief
The idea is that oil you used for cooking and now you don't need anymore, can be used to light up your house.
Not super bright but it's a very prototype. 

Buy a Peltier module,solar garden light and a box of LEDs,which will cost you the same as one lightbulb, place a few of them here and there where you need to....and that's it.
You can connect even ten diodes at the same time and they will all, wardrobe, pool, bathroom...whatever you want.
No batteries, just one little flame.

The whole generator is portable and very very easy to use and to make.

*These pictures are much darker, like in the first one you can see just the sink, but really you can see the whole room and orientate in it with no problem. And that's just one diode!

so what i used:

Peltier module
solar garden light
aluminium heat sinks
used cooking oil
LEDs (must be white for best results)
aluminium "cup" from a candle
any short cup
toothpaste (as thermal paste)
steel building blocks
hard paper

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Step 1: Base

Picture of base
Let's start with a base. You should have one for many reasons...heat, handling, rotating...just many reasons.

I've made it from hard paper. (just for test)

Step 2: Stand

Picture of stand
Next thing you'll need is something that will hold the Peltier and heat sinks, it needs to be strong and not flamable. Be more crative then me. I'm still working on it, upgrading and ect.

Step 3: Fuel

Picture of fuel
As fuel you can use used wood, used cooking oil, paper, anything that burns. Even an ordinary candle.
I'm using oil, because it burns with still flame and you can control it much better and of course - it's a waste that almost everybody throws out.

Step 4: Fuel cannister/holder

Picture of fuel cannister/holder
Take an aluminium cup from burned out candle and pour used cooking oil into it. This cup place into an another cup filled with water.
I recommend this because it will cool down the oil, preventing it to boil and eventually catch fire!

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