Free Money!





Introduction: Free Money!

This instructable will tell you how to make as much money as you want for free! You don't have to use a credit card or email address and it isn't one of those fake referral links! In fact you don't even need a computer at all! With simply your mind and a little time you can get filthy rich in a day or two!

Step 1: Garage Sale Video Games


a couple bucks (optional)
a bike or some sort of transportation
a brain
will to use your brain
the ability to use your brain

This is one of the easiest ways ever invented to make money. simply wait for a garage sale (usually springtime or the end of summer). Then go and buy all the 25 cent Video Games you can find. avoid buying computer games as the stores won't by them. Next go to a video or trading store some working ones are as follows:

VidCycle -  This is my favorite. They also buy and sell DVDs
Hollywood Video - Decent prices but if available use others
BlockBuster -  Again its ok but others are better
Take 2 Video -  very fair prices
GameStop - They buy for slightly less
Software ETC - A branch of GameStop (better prices though)

Sell all the games you bought (unless you like some of em) and reap in the cash! most stores listed will give you 6 - 15 bucks for every game you bring in!

Step 2: Pawn Trading

Materials: Same as Step 1

One week a year every local Waste Management Group allows citizens to put any object they want out on to the berm..... burm?......birm? (For those of you who posted in the comments or do not know what a berm is I have created the following definition: A small strip of grass located in between the sidewalk and the street in front of a row of houses) anyway you can just go take anything you want of the front of anyone's*  yard! Go grab whatever you want and sell it to a local pawn shop! you can make hundreds of dollars a day doing this!

*Ok so maybe not the creeper who lives down the street but almost anyone.

Step 3: Pawn Trading (Variation)

If you're like me you probably have a bunch of toys, electronics, etc. you never use lying around. (leftovers from failed 'ibles) you can sell almost any of these things to a local pawn shop. this doesn't make as much money as some of the other methods but can still bring in some dough.

Step 4: Work

If you don't want to do anything to get your money DON'T READ FURTHER. To get some extra cash you might ask your parents if there are any chores you can do around the house in addition to those you already do (if you don't do any chores at home then offer to do some for no pay. Trust me it's good for you.) you can probably get a few bucks each for these.


Step 5: User Ideas

 In this final step I have edited the Instructable to include some of the money-making ideas mentioned in the comments. This step will be edited once every month so I can add all the new ideas as they are posted. Feel free to post your own and maybe it will show up here!

"I used to hold yard sales as a kid. about 4 or 5 of us had a club, and we got neighbor's junk and cleaned out garages and stuff and sold it off about once a month for pocket change"

"You can sell the Christmas trees people throw on their Berm after New Years or you can just upsale everything from garage sales you find, just like he said."

"this one is good! sell the stuff to a pawn shop, in a yard sale, on eBay, or some other such site. watch for car batteries ($5 each at most battery shops) and car radiators ( can be recycled for a good chunk of cash)."

Hmm, buying things people are selling for cents and selling them for higher prices- an enterprising idea :) If you know a little about computer hardware or junking a perfectly good tower because the power supply or hard drive broke, or even just because the OS is old and messy. If you collect enough of these. you can frankenstein together working machines from the good parts, clean them up a bit, install some free software (who needs to pay $$$ for MS Office and Photoshop when you have OpenOffice and GIMP?) and sell them on. Kudos on making a "How to make money without a formal job" 'Ible that isn't spam or "sell your parents stuff on ebay" :)

If your idea IS posted on this Instructable I will be sure to PM you. 



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    By Zeptrick

    Clean car interiors. Get some basic supplies and online for how-to's. Practice on your car. Post fliers in heavily populated areas. Use portable tools so you can go to where you can get a lot of customers one after another.

    I meant gold pan not gold man stupid autocorrect

    I just discovered that I have gold and copper in my back yard so I Goldman some dirt and 6 gold pans later I've made 3.50 in 4-8 minutes !

    Want gift cards for free?

    Then go to this site and have fun!

    oh and also you can sell old books to bookstores

    blockbuster is basically extinct now, so that's not an option.