Step 1: Garage Sale Video Games

Picture of Garage Sale Video Games

a couple bucks (optional)
a bike or some sort of transportation
a brain
will to use your brain
the ability to use your brain

This is one of the easiest ways ever invented to make money. simply wait for a garage sale (usually springtime or the end of summer). Then go and buy all the 25 cent Video Games you can find. avoid buying computer games as the stores won't by them. Next go to a video or trading store some working ones are as follows:

VidCycle -  This is my favorite. They also buy and sell DVDs
Hollywood Video - Decent prices but if available use others
BlockBuster -  Again its ok but others are better
Take 2 Video -  very fair prices
GameStop - They buy for slightly less
Software ETC - A branch of GameStop (better prices though)

Sell all the games you bought (unless you like some of em) and reap in the cash! most stores listed will give you 6 - 15 bucks for every game you bring in!
Diclonius5 years ago
 nice i thought this instructable was going to be one of those refferal offers but its not awsome
where is VidCycle and can i mail games to them
SpaceDucky (author)  Hockeymike966 years ago
You might not have a VidCycle in your area. check the phone book to check. I am not sure if they will accept games through the mail but you can always try. The location I know of is at 3109 13th Ave S Fargo, ND. You can call them at: 701-293-6727. Thx for Commenting!
dude. selling your games at gamestop only gives you 3 bucks for each game. once i even got only 1 buck! my friend got 70 cents one time their. you should type DO NOT SELL GAMES AT GAMESTOP!!!!!!!!! ok?
undeadman766 years ago
i see shadow of the colossus for ps2. it is like 1 of my favorite games. if you'd like to see it it is the first 1. nice guide btw.