Step 4: Work

If you don't want to do anything to get your money DON'T READ FURTHER. To get some extra cash you might ask your parents if there are any chores you can do around the house in addition to those you already do (if you don't do any chores at home then offer to do some for no pay. Trust me it's good for you.) you can probably get a few bucks each for these.

I meant gold pan not gold man stupid autocorrect
I just discovered that I have gold and copper in my back yard so I Goldman some dirt and 6 gold pans later I've made 3.50 in 4-8 minutes !
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Cut up Xmas trees and sell the wood!
<p>oh and also you can sell old books to bookstores</p>
<p>blockbuster is basically extinct now, so that's not an option.</p>
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Get all the stuff you don't want and sell it at a yard sale!!! q:)<br>
How about bidding on jewelry at certain bid sites, and try and get them for cheap, and then turn around and sell them to pawnshops, or people by going door to door. This one site sends a certificate of Authenticity. So if you get a ring for a $300 bid, and it is a $2000 dollar authentic item then sell it for 1/3 the price. So 2000/3 = $650. So basically your doubling your bid............however just need good start up funds to get it rolling. Well never applied this yet but if anyone does try it and it works out awesome.............don't be shy to send a few green backs this way lol( not jk)
I live in NYC so it's harder for me to do some of these things but great job! I'm trying to save for parts to build my owm PC this'll help!
Ratchet and Clank,the good old days.
Creeper? I think Minecraft is everywhere... Everywhere and anywhere. Wich I shouldn't be surprised of. Well, good luck everyone who is trying this! Shame I can't do it. :(
You can make $250 for donating plasma. I met a guy today who recycles plastic bottles. He makes about $50 a day just riding his bike around collecting plastic bottles.
I think he means curb dude..good ideas!
copper!!! copper is $3 a pound. copper is found in almost every power cord in the form of wire. copper is found in old tv's, phones, ipods, power cords, computers, basically anything electronic.
This one wouldn't work with me but you could have a bake sale
Me and my friends started a business together and make crafts to sell. We make quite a lot and most importantly, we have fun doing it!
you say gamestop to take video games to but the last time i did they took my fairly new xbox 360 game and only gave me a few bucks. but if you take the games you don't want to gametraders, they will give you a decent price. like if i sold them my cod black ops 2 (which i won't) they would give me about 50 bucks for it.
could sell clothes
Maybe taking out some extremely old electronics that don't work anymore, take out the working parts, then sell them! My friend has a miniature electronics supply business (unofficial) in our local school in case someone needs some parts (usually me).
It helps if you go around and do some things for free first, example, I helped some teachers at my High School way back when, (all of 3 years ago) by fixing computers, assisting janitors/maintenance crews, and later, I had enough credit and reputation to ask for small amounts of money. <br><br>When you can't maintain a job, because you lack a permit, or time, or school gets in the way of your little capitalistic ventures, move your business to school. I'm not suggesting that you do homework for pay (I neEEEVER DID) but when doing jobs around the school like repair, or tutoring, or instruction in a trade or art (I.E guitar Lessons) here are some things to keep in mind:<br><br>&gt; You are ASKING for money, you're a kid, and you should be thankful for what you can get.<br><br>&gt; Contradicting #1, don't get cheated<br><br>&gt; Don't be a thief!!! Don't go Geeksquad and wipe out wallets like some kind of &quot;Dollarsign hitsquad&quot; (free band name) <br><br>&gt; Weigh what you ACTUALLY NEED. If it's not deemed necessary, don't spend for it.<br><br>&gt; Treat your CUSTOMERS LIKE CUSTOMERS. If you're giving guitar lessons to say, a possible significant other, keep it business-like. Don't rule out any possibilities, but don't be imposing, because it can and will lose you business.<br><br>...A penny earned is a BLAH BLAH BLAH!! Get out there and get some green!!<br><br>--PUMPKIN$
&nbsp;nice i thought this instructable was going to be one of those refferal offers but its not awsome
thanks for the comment. I decided to post a legit one because I kept seeing those spam pyramid scheme links. I'm glad u liked it.<br />
(warning: randomness follows) I used to have that same profile pic you have as my facebook pic<br />
AWESOME! squirrels FTW
how much does gamestop pay for a gamecube game? I&nbsp;want to know because I&nbsp;have a TON&nbsp;of them lying in my basement.
Hardly anything.&nbsp;
(I would put this under work section.)&nbsp; I used to hold yard sales as a kid.&nbsp; About 4 or 5 of us had a club, and we got neighbor's junk and cleaned out garages and stuff and sold it off about once a month for&nbsp;pocket money.&nbsp; That is pretty much how the thrift shops make money.&nbsp; Free donations=no cost.&nbsp; Sell for cheap=lots of customers.&nbsp; Total profit!
Hmm, buying things people are selling for cents and selling them for higher prices- an enterprising idea :) If you know a little about computer hardware and have the time, you can scale this up a little- people are always getting rid of older computer hardware or junking a perfectly good tower just because the power supply or hard drive broke, or even just because the OS is old and messy. If you collect enough of these, you can frankenstein together working machines from the good parts, clean them up a bit, install some free software (who needs to pay $$$ for MS Office and Photoshop when you have OpenOffice and GIMP?) and sell them on. Kudos on making a "how to make money without a formal job" 'Ible that isn't spam or "sell your parents stuff on ebay" :)
were can I find open office.
Well, you could try starting <a rel="nofollow" href="http://lmgtfy.com/?q=open+office">here</a>.<br/>
Lol great link.<br /> <br />
thank you so much! i just posted this yesterday and i already have a ton of views! it is my second ible.
I wouldn't call it free money since in each case you have to do something!
another good suggestion :MAKE stuff then sell it!
&nbsp;lol<br /> <br />
roflmao<br />
where is VidCycle and can i mail games to them
You might not have a VidCycle in your area. check the phone book to check. I am not sure if they will accept games through the mail but you can always try. The location I know of is at 3109 13th Ave S Fargo, ND. You can call them at: 701-293-6727. Thx for Commenting!
You can sell the Christmas trees people throw on their <strong>Berm</strong> after New Years,<br/>or you can just upsale everything from garage sales you find, just like he said.<br/>

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