Before we get started, this instructable is 100% legal. Don't believe me? Click here.

This instructable will show you how to get free movies and TV shows. The instructable will also require you to download a program called Graboid Video. The Graboid account comes with a free trial.

Step 1: Get Graboid Video

This program will enable you do download the movies (did I mention legally?)

On their website it says "Graboid is guaranteed virus, adware, and spyware free as tested by McAfee Site Advisor and Norton Safe Web."

1. go to http://www.graboid.com/
2. once there, click GET IT NOW!
3. then click DOWNLOAD FREE
4. something like this will pop up
click save file
5. search for the setup
run the setup (with your own preferences of course)
6. let it run

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