Free Recycled Boxes for Shipping and Packaging ANY CARRIER!





Introduction: Free Recycled Boxes for Shipping and Packaging ANY CARRIER!

Free Shipping materials are DELIVERED TO YOU! ( or treehuggers you can use recycled boxes, labels & envelopes) GO GREEN!

Free materials are available ! Most are already 100% postconsumer recycled paper!

If you have a Office, you can REUSE supplies or if you go online (register) or even pass a postal facility or a Kinko's you can get used labels, boxes, envelopes and more!

YES you can simply re-use old opened shipments or boxes again sent to you! Do you buy sell or ship alot? Ebayers? Open and REUSE those boxes INVERTED!

A few Shipping companies do NOT allow you to use a competitor boxes!
You can't use highs priced "Express" packages for snail, ground or 1st class


DO you "THINK GREEN"....? Use UPS boxes for USPS or use USPS supplies for FedEx/UPS

etc...just don't have the fine print...

Anyway then follow these steps....


Step 1: Waste Not Want Not....

Ok so get your used boxes (at work) or new UPS/USPS shipped to you (online/dropbox).

They do not allow anothers carrier to reuse materials for NEW ground or parcel post so to RE-USE this packaging so we take old boxes and turn them ..."inside out"....

Thus they NOW get used or 're-used', work well and are FREE. So save a few $$ and donate it to your local recycling center.

The steps herein show the techniques details.
...start with ripping the main seams open along the length...

Step 2: Get Some Reuse Boxes & Packaging!

Yes, any use is better than LANDFILL....Double Re-use is even better...

Many shippers use specific packages, letters & envelopes for express/priority shipping ONLY! However we use them ONCE then throw them away. Or we can't use them AT ALL for other carriers even more economical snail mail or "ground" shipping...WHY!

Express, Overnight and Early AM packaging is exprensive and much is not recycled or reused...REUSE! INVERT!

These steps will show how to get and where to use such materials.

They'll deliver! Pickup at their office or your work location!

Go to

Visit any local post office, mailbox etc, package or UPS/FEDEX kiosk/drop box and grab pre-used boxes or any free materials. In an Office get some deliverepre-d "used" or free "office supplies"....Check out the "eBay specials" sometimes online with shippers.


Get these old, and re-used boxes and labels Turn them "inside out"

follow? Flip, tape and INVERT!

Step 3: Techniques !

Some examples of simple re-used boxes & packaging

Step 4: Tape & Secure

Use shipping or strong packing tape to secure boxes loose sides/ends.

Stand-up and use old package/letters/bubble packs for fill and wrapping materials.

Now lower "Carbon footprint" & low cost Ground, Parcal post or Snail mail will accept our 'recycled' and 'reused' boxes and materials...even though were using 'premium' packaging!

so don't throw them away...scavange those boxes!

use freebies!

Save the world...ship a package...twice.



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    Well, sounds great but when I went to turn my USPS Priority boxes inside out, The Post Office has the inside WATERMARKED with Priority Shipping ONLY!

    How the heck old is this article? Anybody have a workaround for this??

    I have never had that problem, i always order my boxes online and none have a watermark inside. Also if you need different size boxes that you can't get online then just go outside to the back of any store and find some boxes to use.

    Omg you are a genius!! Thank you. It works. I was paying 3 to 4$ for a basic box. This saves my customers on shipping costs too.

    USPS shipping materials are provided as free because they must be shipped via priority mail and the cost of the material is factored into the priority shipping fee one pays when shipping an item. This instructable is fine if one REUSES boxes but taking new package material and turning it inside out will only create a loss for USPS and they will in turn raise their prices, AGAIN. No one wants to pay more at the post office.

    How many packages do I have to mail to pay for the free boxes? If I do a few Express Boxes does that cover even more priority mail materials? If I use materials from a Post Office or Business that they delivered or dropped off...are thay paid for? If I shread them and use them to line a bird cage does this cost money. Does re-using boxes pulled from a trash or recycle bin save money and landfill or processing cost. If I PAY for shipping does this not cover the packaging as well? At what point does recycling and reuse outweigh trash, waste and excess? If I use otherwise wasted materials or re0use old shipped boxes is this "green"...?

    Please.... the USPS raise postage rates .41$ for their fuel and expenses go up...I have ZERO materials of THEIRS in a 1st class letter and the cost goes up..NOT the cost of a $4.60 Priority mail. Also What if I "inverted" it & send it Express mail? 1st Class? Is that then paid for? How long can I wait to ship? 1 month, 1 year? Is'nt this advertising? The competition does this UPS, FedEx etc... If you have a choice of carriers and only one has 'free' materials...which would you use? There is no way that the use material within a timeframe to guarantee revenue to a carrier. One cannot "expect" business income from giving awaty FREE materials. This is a COST of a competitive business like giving away straws, ketchup, napkins or FREE drink must to stay competitive. VERY clearly it say it is PROHIBITED to use ANY materials for other than their intended purpose...however REUSE is a great GREEN recycling gola however carriers will NOT allow use of others materila NEW or NOT. So you must use the invert and fold to accomidate their shortcommings... ERCK

    You can make all the justifcation you want, it doesn't change the purpose (and cost) to the carrier you are taking them from. Carriers don't offer free boxes to be competitive, they offer free boxes because they expect you to use them for the exact purpose they are printed (priority mail in USPS' case) And it is also why they wont let you use them for anything else because of it. Calling it 'shortcomings' or comparing it to ketchup packets is just your justification. Not exactly an instructable...

    for every free box you take from the post office, you must use that to send something via priority mail. They are "free" because they assume you will be using them to send items via priority mail. The boxes are paid for once you use them to ship something via priority mail. if by dropped off you mean someone has sent you an item in a priority box, then yes that box has already been paid for. If you request the post office to deliver free boxes to you, then they have not been paid for until you use each one to mail something via priority mail. I have nothing against reusing USPS boxes that have already been used and shipped via priority mail once before. When someone takes free unused USPS material and then doesnt ship each box taken via priority mail; that is when USPS loses money. Remember when USPS used to give us free tape? Well they stopped doing that to regain the money lost from people taking boxes and material which they did not use to ship items via priority mail.

    Did you read the article through. They are saying to use used or damaged boxes.

    i would 2 get involved