Picture of Free Rubber Bands from Latex Gloves
Latex Glove Hax for your rubber-band needs...

Step 1: Find Gloves

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Get your glove(s) on_'
mole15 years ago
It IS a good idea. I've done it for years when I've needed  tiny rubber bands... cutting a little strips from the fingers works great.

shabaki6 years ago
the litttle bit in middle makes it seem like a very small thong.....
very smart!
WriotE (author)  GorillazMiko7 years ago
zieak7 years ago
The "other finger" in your note is generally referred to as a ring finger and the smalled digit - uh - what makes you call it the "gay finger"?
WriotE (author)  zieak7 years ago
Thank you. I've made changes
I dont see the use of this? Rubber bands are cheaper then a box of gloves.
WriotE (author)  technology-abuse.tk7 years ago
It's just something extra you can get out of the gloves.
theRIAA7 years ago
"...why is she wearing that thong around her belly button...... Ohhhh"