Picture of Free Rubber Bands from Latex Gloves
Latex Glove Hax for your rubber-band needs...
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Step 1: Find Gloves

Picture of Find Gloves
Get your glove(s) on_'

Step 2: Used Latex---gloves

Picture of Used Latex---gloves
Use your new glove(s)

Step 3: Pull off the alastic around the wrist

Picture of Pull off the alastic around the wrist
Pull the alastic off of the wrist part of the glove.


Picture of EXTRA STEP!
Collect all of your rubber bands and tie them around a ball of material/objects/trash/debrits/etc...
mole15 years ago
It IS a good idea. I've done it for years when I've needed  tiny rubber bands... cutting a little strips from the fingers works great.

shabaki6 years ago
the litttle bit in middle makes it seem like a very small thong.....
very smart!
WriotE (author)  GorillazMiko7 years ago
zieak7 years ago
The "other finger" in your note is generally referred to as a ring finger and the smalled digit - uh - what makes you call it the "gay finger"?
WriotE (author)  zieak7 years ago
Thank you. I've made changes
I dont see the use of this? Rubber bands are cheaper then a box of gloves.
WriotE (author)  technology-abuse.tk7 years ago
It's just something extra you can get out of the gloves.
theRIAA7 years ago
"...why is she wearing that thong around her belly button...... Ohhhh"