Free Small Drill Bits for Life!!!





Introduction: Free Small Drill Bits for Life!!!

Welcome to my instructable, I am lignumvital and today I want to show you how to save money on your DIY projects around the house. This little trick can prevent you from having to buy small drill bits or when in a pinch save you from a trip to the store. Please feel free to share other ideas and uses this trick has in the comment box.



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    Nice idea. Thanks for posting.

    "I can always use another set of hands when I'm working on wood". LOL

    I think this is an excellent idea! Will this work with screws?

    Thanks for posting this. Video was well made, and you were clear in your pressentation. Thanks for the info, I appreciate it!

    So you are a self professed "made scientist"?...hmmmm is that a scientist working for the mafia?!

    Thanks for catching that typo, I appreciate the input.

    :) Love a good mad mafia scientist with a sense of humour. Make sure to use those improv drill bits only for good! (the mind shudders!...)

    I've chucked precision screwdrivers into my drill for a really small bit, because sometimes those tiny screws are a pain to do by hand...
    I personally haven't tried the nail as drill bit, but I have heard it works great for PCB drilling, provided you go slow....

    If you don't have a drill just hit the nail with a hammer upside down to flatten the point, then flip the nail back, and drive it in. Now you're drilling with a nail, without a drill even!

    I use the leftover of the POP rivets, they don't need even to take off the head.