This is a quick and simple instructable that will show you how to make storage boxes of all sizes, for free!

Step 1: Step 1: Get the Box

The United States Postal Service will send you free boxes Flat-Rate Priority Mail.  You can get them in all shapes in sizes, depending on what you need to ship.

The only catch here is that you need to use these boxes for shipping, so make sure you receive one as a package before you start this!


Good, now you have the box!

<p>I don't think making a storage box would be quite as difficult if you've purchased a box that comes with pre-perforated fold lines and notches that lock in with each other. Making a box from scratch would definitely be more impressive..</p>
You are so lucky to have that many gushers candy snacks. my parents are dentists and wont let me have them
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SUPER lame post.&nbsp; <br />
&nbsp;I've got a feeling that if too many people start to do this the USPS will notice and start to charge for the boxes.
Dude, people have been orderingenough boxes to make couches out of them for years.<br />
&nbsp;This is a poor idea, simply because you are STEALING! &nbsp;Those boxes are for priority mail shipping only and when people abuse them it affects all of us. &nbsp;If you want free storage boxes go to any retailer and ask. &nbsp;They will happily give you arm loads.
I've been using them for years. I even made a table out of them for use during my garage sale then after used them to store the leftovers. <br />

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