For this project you will need:

-about 1/4 of yard of cream fabric for quilt front and back
-quilt batting
-scraps of fall color fabrics
-basic sewing needs


Step 1:

         This paper craft that my son made 15 years ago in kindergarten is now beginning to rip, curl, and ruin. I wanted to preserve this precious turkey he made at such a young age so I decided to make a fabric art of it.

Step 2:

Carefully I traced each piece. Picked out similar colors of fabric of what he choice.

Step 3:

Then I pinned and cut out each piece of fabric. I placed the pieces in place according to how John made his turkey, and carefully appliquéd around each piece of fabric using a zigzag stitch. I hand embroidered his name age and date. Then place a backing and quilt batting to turn it into a quilt to be on display.

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