Introduction: Free USB Extention Cable

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a USB extention cable is a must have accessory for added advantages in laptop,desktop,Tvs and to increase USB dongle signal reception etc.


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USB female socket
USB male socket,better to take it form old mouse
a plastic box enough tiny to place USB female socket
a circular ferrite core(inside of cfl bulb circuit)

Step 2: Prepare the Box

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take a tiny plastic case and its one side make a hole with the help of soldering iron as the diameter of wire. Inserts wire inside the case through the hole
On other end of case cut as the shape of USB female socket,so it get easily fitted in it. you can put a hanging of wire or plastic to hang it in case to hang a USB dongle.

Step 3: Prepare USB Female Socket

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Insert the cable in ferrite core and make one turn through it,then solder out the corresponding four on terminal of USB female socket(for the USB pin out search on Google images),apply some glue and stick the USB female socket inside the case at it place.

Step 4: It Is Ready to Use

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