Picture of Free Utility Clips
Free utility clips from upcycled waste department store hangers.  Maybe you have a few hangers left over from the holidays.  Or perhaps you would like to have some utility clips for projects.  Either way, this simple Instructable will show you how, saving you some money and reducing some trash.

I tested the jaw strength of two salvaged clips versus a utility clip bought at a hardware store (38lbs listed clamp strength).  Measuring the torque required to produce a 15mm  (~1/2 inch) opening, the upcycled clips have satisfactory jaw strength (Table 1).  Not bad for free equipment.


Relative Strengths

Clip #1 (White)
 75% @ 15 mm deflection
Clip #2 (Translucent)
 36% @ 15 mm deflection
*The narrow white clip in figure 2- second from left (a commercially purchased "chip clip" from a food store) was not included in table, the relative strength of this was < 1% of utility clip.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Picture of Materials and Tools
Waste clothing hanger for pants.

Wire Cutters.

Ray from RI2 years ago
Nice Idea they could be even used as cloths hanger clips as well...!!!!
CrLz (author)  Ray from RI2 years ago
Definitely, last time I shopped and acquired some of these, the store clerk mentioned she keeps them for just that.
doo da do3 years ago
I guess I will retrieve the one I was going to throw out, I like this recycle thing.
JJYork4 years ago
great idea. works well