A simple way to get free videos and add them to you iTines library. After that, you can add them to your iPod (if it supports video)

*My 1st Instructable
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Step 1: Google Video

Picture of Google Video
Click on Video.bmp
Go to Google and click "more" in the upper left menu on the home page.
Then select "Video"

Step 2: Videos Hosted By Google

Picture of Videos Hosted By Google
Select the option "videos hosted by Google" under the search bar.
Then search for the video of your choice. (Google has many music videos, which is what I use it for mostly.)

Step 3: Download

Picture of Download
Select "Download" under the video title.

When a box comes up, choose "Save"

*If "Download" is not there, then go back and select the next video in the search results.

Step 4: Save

Picture of Save
Save the file in "My Videos" or anywhere else that you will remember.

Open iTunes.

Step 5: Import

Picture of Import
open file.bmp
When the file is done downloading, click "File", then "Import"

Find the file you want, then open it.

It will then load to your iTunes library.