Free Videos From Google


Introduction: Free Videos From Google

This instructable will teach you how to get videos from google completely free and completely legally in five minutes.

Step 1: Load Up Your Internet Browser

Load up your internet browser and go to

Step 2: Search

Search for any video, anyone you want to download. I will be searching dont be that guy video podcasts. make sure you click under the searchbar videos hosted by google.

Step 3: Click the Link, You Did It Wrong

Just kidding, you did it fine, you just have to click another link to a different page showing the video. If you come up with a picture like the one on picture two, then you can skip this step. The first picture should be the picture of the video you first clicked on unless its picture two. So that link on the bottom that says Don't Be That Guy in blue? Click on that. Of course, it will say something different when you search whatever you want.

Step 4: Download Time

On the top right hand corner of this picture there is a blue link that says download for ipod/psp. Click that, and your video should start downloading. After, that, just drag it into itunes and it will be in the movies section. VOILA!



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    You can also try this perfect Video Downloader for Mac called Total Video Downloader to download google videos. It is an amazing video download app and the best alternative for IDM for Mac will let you download from google, youtube and some other sites for free

    tehre is a video hosted by google thing. oh and good instructable

    There is no "videos hosted by google" option, only all videos or videos playable on google! D=

    Also, can you download full - length movies this way??
    Thanks, Jessi :D

    I allready knew about this, but i did see the iGoogle logo and now i have a cool front page so thanks :P