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In this instructable I will be telling you how you can get free WAP from Verizon, using a phone that is Mobile Web capable.

NOTE: I am not responsible for anything that you may do to your phone. This is for educational purposes only. Use at your own risk.

NOTE: This free WAP hack uses your minutes.

NOTE: A common problem with newer phones is that you cannot edit the text. Verizon along with other companies have put locks on their phones' OS's so that people like us won't do what we're doing. The only way to bypass that is by getting a cable and editing your phone's files but, that's for another day.

Step 1: Get Supplies

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Okay, so what you need for this hack is:

1. An LG phone provided by Verizon Wireless. (I haven't tried it with any other phones or service providers)
2. Access to a computer.
3. Half a brain.
kerrigan889 months ago
Hi can u tell me how to hack a motorola moto G on verizon prepaid android phone to get free internet , plz help, i cant afford to pay verizons outragous prices for intermet
Arely213 years ago
Can any1 help me with my phone please its a prepaid and it doesnt have SIM card.....some1 locked my phone using an e-mail address but they wont tell me what it is and they also changed my number....it was one of my brothers....My phone is a Verizon Lg Android touch screen...i want to reset it but i dont know how to.....and i can do anything with it because it tells me to unlock it using my google account and i dont have one
snelson8273 years ago
I have a Droid X that I want to use for internet only. I found it so it doesnt have a phone number with it. I want to get the internet on it to play games. Is there a way to do this ? I have a Verizon MiFi for internet on my computer but where I live I dont get wifi........any suggestions ??
CatBlue20045 years ago
I did a WAP set up for the Motorola KRZR using these instructions:


I followed them and it appeared that successfully made all the changes. Google now appeared in my list of Web Sessions and I was able to highlight it with a check mark.

The last instructions are "You should be taken back to the list of Web Sessions. Highlight Google then Press the center button (in the middle of the up/down/left/right keys) and it should begin your web session with Google.

Unforunately, when I select Google in the web session menu the next screen is Verizon Wireless Mobile Web . It says "Connecting...." and appears to be attempting a connection, but I eventually get a screen that says "For Wireless Internet Services, please dial *611."

I select Menu by pressing a key on the upper right and I'm brought to a Browser Menu. First on the list is VZW Home. I select it in hopes of changing it to Google (or anything else), but instead it once again seems to be accesssing the web via Verizon. The phone says "Sending...." at the bottom and "Waiting" at the top. Eventually, it says "Network Connection Lost."

Any ideas on what I am missing or doing wrong? I appreciate your replies.
bpatsfan125 years ago
 ok i have the env touch vx11000 and the text is locked on it but i can type what ever i want but next time i go into it its not there how can i manually unlock this text
stein7 years ago
I am trying to run through this WAP set up and I get to the adress and secondary Enter text field and cant type is therre another code i need?
Taylor G (author)  stein7 years ago
This is a common problem on newer phones. Verizon along with other companies have put locks on their phone OS so that people like us won't do what we're doing. The only way to bypass that is by getting a cable and editing your phone's files but, that's for another day. Did that answer your question?
stein Taylor G7 years ago
Thanks I found instructions from user Dukejones
pkbromel stein5 years ago
 stein... can you please tell me how you did that? thanks
Taylor G (author)  stein7 years ago
No problem bro, ask anytime, I'm always free.
pkbromel5 years ago
 how can you unlock the secondary text field on newer phones? dukejones or stein or taylor G.... any help please? thanks...even if you need to do something with the cord..i have one..
lambologo6 years ago
is this just some gig to get us to use air time that gets charged
tarsen6 years ago
I have had an 8300 for some time. I previously set it up to use free wap. In trying to cut costs I called Verizon and changed to a new plan. The new plans are Internet for $15/month and no air time charges. Previous was $5.00 and air time charges. To get VZ Navigator you must sign up for $15/mon or by day at $1.99. Does any one know how to get free wap without paying the Verizon $15.00/mon or $1.99/day? Thanks for any help Tom
I have recently started a plan with verizon I have the lg 8350 and I am trying to find ways to get free stuff I have tried the wap thing but my 0 is locked it doesn't let me do anything any one know or could help me out ?
flmmsx6 years ago
Thanx. I found that out. Gave up trying. It is not worth it.
flmmsx6 years ago
Verizon blocks changing wap settings. Url can be changed in params table but not password
CJSS6 years ago
please could someone help. I'd like to get free wap on my sony ericson k800i on vodafone. Thanks
bigdadxxl7 years ago
Just for reference, if you have started or changed your plan with verizon since Nov 1, 2007, you will be charged for data even if you have your phone setup this way.
Okay i was wandering id anyone can help me i am useing bitpim and i when i got to detect phone it says "could not open port create file please i need help thanks so much
I tried everything mentioned above and still nothing. The thing is I have a prepaid verizon account that was once a contract account with the assecories of cable usb to get online on my home computer. Although I dont have the same contract i still manage to get on line for free any time of day through usb wire but I cant use my browser or get tones through my phone wap. I know I should just be thankful Im getting on line like I am but do you have any idea about what could be happening with my wap problem
adamthiede7 years ago
I have a VX 8350 and the zero key is locked. How can I undo this?
Taylor G (author)  adamthiede7 years ago
I'm not sure what you mean by "locked". If you could give me a better description of your problem.
When i am on the contacts menu the zero key doesn't work. It won't bring up the service menus.
fenderrock8 years ago
If you have the Motorola E815, here's how you get to the programming menu (this might also work on the V710): Hit the menu button (top middle one). Press the following keys quickly: 073887* Security code should be "000000". Go to "Web Sessions". Hit that middle menu button and choose "New". From here you can jump to step 6, and the rest should be similar to this instructable.
Actually, this might also work with other Motorola phones, including the RAZR and KRZR. I'm not sure, but its worth trying.

Oh, and if using public proxies isn't your thing, there are fast, secure and reliable proxies which only cost a dollar or two per month to use with your phone. I'm currently using myBitNet (from http://www.mycellconnect.com/) and it works great.
how do you start/ get to the program menu. I have a motorola V3m from verizon and i was having trouble finding the where do you start to type #073887*. if you dont get what i am trying to say like how do you start from the moment you open up your phone.
To get to the hidden Programming Menu, open your phone and type the following 8 keys without pausing for more than ~1 second between key presses: Menu 073887* If that doesn't work, try using this code: #073887* If it asks for a password, press 0 six times. If you still have any problems, just comment back or google "v3m programming menu". Good luck!
thanks i got that, i hav eno idea why it didn't work before, but when i entered all my stuff and i tried to connect it read: HTTP Error: 401 unathorized... what do i do now
I've been having a similar problem lately... maybe verizon figured out people were doing this and are blocking it? idk.
actually i got it working, i created an account at http://www.zaksenterprises.com/ and followed the instructions at http://wiki.zaksenterprises.com/index.php/WAP and it started working for me. I have a razr and it worked for me and im bettin gthat it would work for other phones as well.
a free WAP proxy= for any phones as long as you can program them i think...

you do not need to contribute to the website or fill out anything besides free registration.
ra137 years ago
that worked perfect! Thanks a lot!
bobhinkle7 years ago
ZaksEnterprises.com is free and is private. Don't use one those public proxy's unless you want your data being transmitted to a site you don't know anything about.
glenn5113657 years ago
when i try to change the proxy I can not type anything. how can i change this thanks
Taylor G (author)  glenn5113657 years ago
Added another note to the Intro page.
http://knightknetwork.com/2007/10/24/verizon-wap-hackers-must-read-new-199mb-charge/I am getting confused, but hopefully I don't get charge a lot with Verizon. I got my WAP to work using the zaksenterprises.com, but hopefully I don't get charged for any data charges. I know that now you can get charged $1.99/MB for data, but I think that's only if you renew/get a new contract after Nov.: http://knightknetwork.com/2007/10/24/verizon-wap-hackers-must-read-new-199mb-charge/
neurolux7 years ago
I tried using the TCPIP that my desktop uses and it didn't work. I tried looking for "free proxy addresses" on google, and all these sites want my money for a list of them. Any ideas?
Taylor G (author)  neurolux7 years ago
Try a proxy from proxy.org. Those are free.
tony487 years ago
What are WAP?
bobhinkle7 years ago
If you guys are still having problems setting up your wap there is are wiki instructions over at http://wiki.zaksenterprises.com with instructions for all kinds of phones.
btta17 years ago
Great instructable. I've tried my proxy address as wap.google.com and as some of the anonymous proxy servers I found by searching the internet for "free proxy addresses" on my LG vx6100 and when I try to access the browser, I get an error saying I cannot connect. My port settings are as indicated in this instructable. What else might I be doing wrong?
I can't get past Step 6. I've reached the "window" where I get "Primary Address" and "Secondary Address". I press "Primary Address" and it gives me a text field, where I see a link there already. I have three options at the bottom: Cancel, Save, and Abc. Besides Cancel and Save, I cannot do anything else. It's like it's intentionally blocked so that you can't change those proxy addresses. The same thing happens with the "Secondary Address" also. I'm thinking Verizon did this on purpose and it worked for you because you have bought the phone earlier when they didn't think of this problem. BTW, I have the LG VX8600, as well. I'm not sure what's going on.
You're absolutely right-- so you'll just have to unlock it manually.
unlock wap edit function
I'm still waiting for my usb cable.. I'm drooling in anticipation.
That partially worked! I did unlock that using BitPim and change the proxy address settings. I've tried a few free proxy addresses, but none of them seem not work (I either get Network Unavailabe-Retry later or Network Connection lost). Signal isn't a problem (I've tried it when it was full), but something is.
dukejones8 years ago
The new LG VX8600 phones with Ver03 of Verizon's crappy software have a different Service Menu code. Just type "program8600" + SND (Then the 6 digit password - probably all 0's.)
I tried that with my 8300 version 3 but screen went blank, Where and when do you type the program8300? Thanks, can't wait...
Materman8 years ago
The newest lg vx8300 has software that has blocked the ability to change the ip address. Anyway to hack around this? When you go to change it there is no cursor available to erase what's there and the keyboard doesn't allow input of any letters.
newkiraj8 years ago
ok thats just awesome. i did it w/ my chocolate and it worked fine. thanks!
sdman118908 years ago
I can get past the password and stuff, but it won't let me edit the "Proxy Address Setting." Any way to get around this that you know of? Same exact phone btw.
For LG 8600 and LG 8300, go here..... http://vx8300.blogspot.com/2006/08/free-wap-internet-on-vx8300.html
Which tells you how to hack into the phone and ALLOW you to change the Proxy Address Settings etc. Its very simple, and took me less than 3 minutes to unlock. Happy Hacking!
direct link
Taylor G (author)  sdman118908 years ago
Sorry can't help you there. My phone can edit it. I have no clue why yours can't.
Ok, thanks... I'll try google and stuff...
If you figure it out, please post it here. I'm having the exact same problem :/
I'm having this problem as well. I think he's got an earlier version of the same phone when Verizon didn't think about this problem and didn't do anything about it.
I have a VX5200 and was able to get through all steps. However, when I try to open the web browser, it stays on the loading screen ("Sending..."). Any ideas on how to fix this so I can actually use my internet? (Or an idea of where I may have screwed up?)
Taylor G (author)  toesocksrock8 years ago
What you should do it reset your phone's WAP settings, explained in step 3. Then retry. If that does not work either PM me pictures of each of my steps but on your phone before and after you have made the changes to your settings. Or you could send me a video. That would help a bit more. Other than those steps I have nothing more for you.
drumbum18 years ago
Do you know how to hack verizon WEP on the PSP?
Taylor G (author)  drumbum18 years ago
What do you mean? If you were running Windows CE, XP, or some other operating system on your PSP, I could probably get you free WAP on your PSP. On another thought if you mean't hacking their WEP, (Wireless Encryption Protocol) that would be a little harder on a PSP than a computer. But, it can be done. The thing is I wouldn't be able to do that instructable, because I don't have a PSP...so you'd have to send me one. Hehehe.
Hugo.B8 years ago

NOTE: You are a sissy, you're responsible for the instructable, and nothing more.
Why should you be?
But there's no need to post a stupid NOT LIABLE at the top of the page.

I think your instructable does not work considering most people will get stuck at step 3 ( the input password thing)
Taylor G (author)  cannedtomato8 years ago
Why would people get stuck? Other than that was it good?
For most LG phones, it is all zero's. However, there is a way to get the code. You have to buy a cord to connect the phone to your computer and download the data (dump). You can use a hex editor to find the code. I don't remember where I found that (it was a while back), so you'll have to use Google to get more specifics.
jehan8 years ago
you can also use celllphonehacks.com
joemonkey8 years ago
WHAT IS WAP?oh sorry (darn caps lock)
Taylor G (author)  joemonkey8 years ago
WAP stands for Wireless Access Point. Plain English: Where you connect to the internet. Hope that helps.
That's not correct WAP stands for Wireless Application Protocol. A Wireless Access Point is normally regarded as an access point for wireless LAN connections. WAP defines a communications protocol as well as an application environment and is very much like the combination of HTML and HTTP - except that it is optimized for low-bandwidth, low-memory, and low-display capability. Most WAP-sites are purely text-based.
Taylor G (author)  Longjohn8 years ago
Sorry I must have remembered wrong. Will take a mental note.
PikesPeak8 years ago
A very good, and informative Instructble. Thank you. Although I am not a giant advocate of VW now that I was never told by VW that I can't take pix, or video out of my phone without having to use their money theiving system to do it. www.verizonpathetic.com explains it all. Anybody know how I can unlock a KRZR here?