I was looking at a leftover translucent case that I had just finished laser-cutting, and I realized that I could still use some of the scraps.   This instructable will show you a way you can make free (good) washers out of spare Polypropyline cases for DVD's, CD's or the old Zip Disks.

(This instructable fulfills the expectation for our Bare Paint meetup on May 21st, at the Omaha Maker Group.)

Step 1: Step 1, Drill Holes to Size

Using a drill press to ensure you don't crack the plastic (which makes any washer useless),  Drill holes in a straight line if possible, and as close to equidistant as possible.  The plastic here I am using necessitates that I scatter the holes out more than I would like.  The blue case on the right is a better example of what to do.
Very nifty idea using what some might discard to the recycle bin, kudos !
La necessidad es madre del ingenio. I didn't want to drive to the hardware store and waste ca$h, so the idea struck about then. Probably been done before eh?

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