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This is a cardboard wheel with an internal winding mechanism.  Roll the wheel--release, and it will return toward its original position.
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Step 1: Materials and How it Works

This requires cardboard, glue, two fishing weights (3 ounce), rubber bands and a paperclip.

The weights allow the rubber band to twist, and the twist in the rubber band rolls the wheel.

Step 2:

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Draw circles (8 inch diameter or larger) and cut 22 pieces of cardboard.

Step 3:

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For the two end pieces, punch two 1/4 inch holes--each one 1/2 inch away from the center of the circle.

Step 4:

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For twenty of the cardboard circles, cut out the inside (leave about 3/4 inch for an outer ring).

Step 5: Glue

Picture of Glue
Glue a ring to one of the end pieces.

Step 6:

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Glue the other 19 pieces together.

Step 7:

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Use one or more rubber bands to achieve an unstretched length of about 7 inches..

Step 8:

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Pull the rubber bands through the two holes on one end of the wheel.

Step 9:

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Pull each end of the rubber band through the "eye" loop of the fishing weight.

Step 10:

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Pull an end of the rubber band through the remaining wheel side.  Open the paper clip and secure the rubber band end.

Step 11:

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Secure the other end of the rubber band with the paper clip.

Step 12:

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Roll the wheel in either direction.  This will wind it up.  Release and it should return in the direction from whence it came.

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