Introduction: Free Whiteboard Fridge to Do List

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In this instructable I will show you how to make an easy whiteboard for your fridge for free.

It can be used for many things. I use mine as a to do list and to list bills I have to still pay.

Step 1: Test Plastic Containers

First Get the dry erase whiteboard marker you will be using. Draw a line and try and erase it from a few different plastic containers. Each marker and plastic combination erases differently. You want to be able to erase easily with one swipe of your finger.

I found the clear containers you get at the grocery store work well.

Find a container that works.

Step 2: Cut and Straighten Plastic

Picture of Cut and Straighten Plastic

Take the container from step one and cut the middle strip of plastic away from the bottom and top ring of the container.

Roll the plastic tightly in the opposite direction it wants to curve to straighten it. Do this a few time until the plastic strip lies almost flat on a table.

Step 3: Stick on Fridge and Use

Picture of Stick on Fridge and Use

Take some fridge magnets and put them on the edges of the plastic so it sticks to the fridge.

Then write some stuff and easily erase and write some more stuff.

I wrote work on mine and easily erased it using one swipe of my finger.


ryancson made it! (author)2015-09-15

Thanks for your great idea! It was really convenient and the materials for this project was easily accessible. Your Instructable inspired me to make a digitalized form of a to-do list so that I would have an unlimited space of free whiteboard and wouldn't need to get any more clear containers :D

This is a great idea! My roommates and I have something similar that we use to plan out meals for the week :)

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