Step 11: Ta Daa!

Picture of Ta Daa!
And there it is, happily on the boat and ready for action. I think I better make a spare out of ash or oak, this one seems kind of wimpy compared to what our neighbors have.
prospector6 years ago
Great fix, it looks good! A hint though as you move along in yachting circles, you will find that most sailors who go to sea in small boats carry a spare tiller. An expensive spare tiller can be bought at West Marine for about $50 (for my boat) and will be glossy and have laminations and whatnot. A cheap spare tiller can be bought at Home Depot, but will be mislabelled as "Wheelbarrow Handles." It is handy that they only sell these spare tillers in sets of 2, and that the wood is rough hewn allowing you to sand it down to the right feel before you stain or varnish it. Also the Home Depot Spare tillers are long enough that you can cut them in half before attaching, which means you actually get 4 for the price of one!
ROTF! Splat... Fell out of my chair! Good one Prospector!

Thats right use the mis labled stuff from the HomeDespot and your local hardware.