Step 14: Boxing Glove on Bowsprit

Picture of Boxing Glove on Bowsprit
It definitely needed one.
Maybe the other glove should go on the boom.
GearsFC3S6 years ago
Is that a rum cask / beer keg installed on your forward deck?
It's probably an inflatable life boat. I've seen them in packages like that.
Whales benner816 years ago
Looks like a keg to me..
benner81 Whales6 years ago
You might be right. I can't see that well.
I think they're filled with fuel or gas, because Bobcats and Dingoes (the machinery!) use them to go forward.
I'm familiar with bobcat's(not so much dingoes), but I've never seen them with any kind of fuel cylinder on the back. I've used forklifts that used propane cylinders, but they look totally different.

Whatever it is, its definitely an old beer keg that could have been converted to hold diesel.
Sorry, I meant forklifts. Hmm, I could have sworn they looked the exact same, because the ones I've seen upon the forklifts around here aren't your average propane cylinders...
MT-LB GearsFC3S5 years ago
i think he said it was a beer keg filled with diesel.