Free Yacht Chapter 7: Get an Even Better One and Fabulize it.

Picture of Free Yacht Chapter 7: Get an Even Better One and Fabulize it.
continues the Free Yacht saga begun at How to Get a Free Yacht

On the first of the month I went to the marina office to pay the rent.
I apologized for not paying on the 29th and asked about a free dinghy that was up for grabs.
me: "And what's the story about the trimaran next to it?"
he: "That's the marina's. No one bid on it at the lein sale auction. I'll sell it to you cheap, but you've got to get it out of here. When it looks and acts like a boat again you can apply for a slip like anyone else."
We chatted more about the history and possible future of the boat.

It was eerily quiet in the office. No one stopped in with rent checks.
Didn't the 400 other boats docked at the marina need to pay their rent?
In the next year the harbormaster would have to impound many boats and would have to file leins against some, and after much hassling would end up owning boats he didn't want.

Ask any harbormaster if they have boats they want to get rid of.
They'll say "no" because they know that most people are unreliable.
But if they like how you pay your rent they'll have a bunch and will give you a good or free deal on them if you can make them disappear.

I rushed off to confer with my crew of co-captains.
After looking it over we decided we'd go for it. Victor and Kenny said "only if you'll sail it to Hawaii". I explained that if you eat rice and peanutbutter while sailing to Hawaii, food alone will cost you more than a plane ticket. They were undiscouraged so I said "Okay, howabout we get it if YOU are allowed to sail it to Hawaii whenever you want?" That satisfied them and I went to give the harbormaster a deposit check.

For the cost of two months dock slip rent, we get our next "free" yacht. We have a month to get it out of there, so actually the cost is a month's rent.
You may ask, "Why the hell is this a "free boat" if you had to pay money for it? If so, you have the right attitude. Richardson Bay has a bunch of people "living on the hook" with free boats that didn't cost anything but time and effort.

An off-duty Talmudic scholar might clarify for us what type and amount of expenses disqualify a boat as "free". For the sake of the concept I paid the price myself so the boat would be free for my co-captains. Consider me the "Sabbath Goy" of the free boat.

Here's the table of contents of the whole saga:
Chapter 1: How to Get a Free Yacht
Chapter 2: Maiden Voyage of the Free Yacht
Chapter 3: Fix Broken Stix and other Trix
Chapter 4: Outboard Motor Mutilates Foot
Chapter 5: It's sinking and it's on Fire.
Chapter 6: How To Give Away a Free Yacht
Chapter 7: Get an Even Better One and Fabulize it.
Chapter 8: Celebrate Freedom
Chapter 9: Technicolor Dreamboat
Chapter 10: Privateer Knot
Chapter 11: Dismasted!
Chapter 12: Kiteboat!
Chapter 13: Mast Raising

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kconnors21 year ago
The demigod speaks! Haha, Doode, youre funny. I am really enjoying this journey you had.
so you got a free boat?
sadams163 years ago
A gel cote and that thing could be somebodys home. What a deal that engine alone is worth what you paid.
poza3 years ago
not cool! your readers want MORE details! not FEWER!!! please?
r3nrut3 years ago
What does the inside look like. Have you worked on it at all?
Wade Tarzia8 years ago
Cool names for the hoists. I'll add them to my "Occupational Folklore -- informal machine-nicknames" list. Let me know if you hear/have leard any others.
molly guard - the cover thing over emergency stop buttons, named after Molly, a programmer's daughter, who kept hitting the emergency stop on the mainframe. some plexiglass later, and tada!
its tradition for all smokehouse smokers to have a name before they are used for the first time.
PS -- are those amas asymmetric?
TimAnderson (author)  Wade Tarzia8 years ago
yes. on every axis
What does that mean? (I feel embarrassed to ask....)
TimAnderson (author)  Wade Tarzia8 years ago
that whole "axis of symmetry" thing, where you could slice it in half and the halves would be mirror images of each other.
Didja eat 'em? The mussels?I was a dockmaster in Norfolk VA (not far from the mariner's museum) and we would have eaten them. Steamed on the dock in some beer and served with butter. Yum.
mskogly4 years ago
Hehe, funny :)
bettes4 years ago
hello, new here, what's the rent you've fallen in? i'd love to see if I can help...if I at the least get a free ride! waiting to here from you ...ciao luv
grantwalker4 years ago
Hay I am all new to this, so I will be blunt if you ever fall be hind on rent I would love to have that free boat. It is a graet find and besides you guy's have done all the work ( not free) but cool.
When your ready you can E-mail me at Good job on your find
TimAnderson (author)  User14 years ago
Free Yacht 1 had amazing beautiful sails.
The 2nd one had kind of ratty rattling sails that weren't quite right for the boat.
Then friends gave us nice sails. So many to choose from we got some that fit. There are a lot of sails out there. I used to regularly scavenge a sailmaker's dumpster. wow. lots of sails.

emagin5 years ago
KKMI!  Dude, they're good but they ain't cheap.
Spanner695 years ago
"Marinas hate boats. They'll do anything they can to keep boats from getting in."

Oh man this is sooooo true.

The only thing they hate more than boats is the people who own them.
mgalyean5 years ago
 dittos!  would you lick lead popsicles all day?  what fun is life if you can't walk or perform medium to fine motor tasks?  remember, life has a strange way of making us pay for "free".  lol
Pambo5 years ago
 My goodness, I truly envy this ship, it made think of the movie "waterworld" the moment i saw it. Did you happen to see any other trimarans when looking for free boats?
mudler5 years ago
hey what type of baot is that it looks like a cataraman but theres that center cabin.or could it be a pontune boat
Tri hull catamaran.
Aerospaced7 years ago
Man, I love those tri's. There is a huge one here in Sarasota named "the Black Pearl". No joke. Couldn't you have just gone up the Sacramento river to kill off the sea critters? That's how they do it here. Go into fresh water for a week and it all sluffs off. Is there free moring somewhere off the coast? I know Sausalito is basically forbidden to anything under $50k. Damn houseboats. That tri should do well out in the potato fields. Would like to see it go to Monterey bay. Keep up the great work.
sometimes though for zebra mussels can fall off the boat and infect the neighboring water... and nobody wants that don't they
Yeah, you should see lake Eire now that the zebra muscles have boomed there. You can see all the way to the bottom. How awful!
 I should go dump some of those critters in Clear lake California. It's been pea green for the past 30 years. I used to be able to see the bottom of that one as a kid.
Whales5 years ago
That is very unlucky.
johnfoster6 years ago
ALWAYS let the yard guys move the jacks no matter how "easy" it is to do.
It's true! If something bad happens, the yard's insurance will probably cover it.
Pierzasty5 years ago
We used coarsely-ground cork for out boat (steel hull, epoxy paint). During renovation painted one layer, sprinkled the cork on the fresh paint so it'd stick, then painted again after it'd dried. While it wasn't what we expected, it worked and was way better than with no texturing.
polar bear65 years ago
...Dude. He must have been the "Free Yacht Oracle"...
wenpherd5 years ago
thats looks really good
NLightNMe5 years ago
That's a beautiful boat, and your story is really inspiring. Can I come to Hawaii with you?
Bongmaster5 years ago
she's a fine boat :)
lcaulley5 years ago
You know, I could care less about boats (I used to work at a boat manufacturing plant), even free ones since I live by the mountains - but I kept pushing that next step>> button till the well written end. Great story and instructable!
Smeeon5 years ago
wow, I feel like I've been watching a reality show and this is the happy ending.. lol
Smeeon5 years ago
Smeeon5 years ago
bahahaha this story/instructable is awesome! I say DAMN COOL you have a boat made by a phantom shipbuilder.. bad assness.
That is a thing of beauty! I wish I had friends who were as adventurous as you. I would totally do something like that if I had the resources. If a friend were doing something like that, I would help for the opportunity to go sailing.
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