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This project was entirely made of discarded items.   My only expense was the gorilla glue used.

Step 1:

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First you will have to salvage the following from the curb or recycling center.

1. A 5 gallon bucket with lid
2. Nylon screen from discarded window or door
3. Black spray paint
4. A short piece of 2x2 wood
5. An old fashioned steel clothes hanger

Tools you will need are

1. A drill
2. Hacksaw or jigsaw
3. Philips screwdriver
4. Side cutters
5. A couple short sheet rock screws
6. Sand paper or wire brush for drill
7. Gorilla glue
8. Wood saw
deanoman7774 months ago

Simple, yet effective. I love how people make composting so difficult and expensive. Kind of makes me chuckle.

Peg1621 year ago
Perfect. Just what I need. Ty.

kevamy11073 years ago
Very clever! I'm glad I stumbled upon this. Living in town, I can't throw the potato peels in the yard like I could in the country.
aaahotdog (author) 3 years ago
I think most people in towns would not have enough materials to compost in the large commercial ones. This one is just small enough to do the basics. As far as cold composting, I am not familiar with that. Composting is a combination of green and brown organic materials. Heat from decomposing increases the temp of the material to about 170F. The thickness of the pile contains the heat in the center of it in larger composers. Hence my composer has black outside for the aid of the sun as the inside amount is not very large.  With this you can add water as needed, the screens give it the air ventilation required.   Of course you could purchase a commercial one if you want to get serious.
Soulsbane3 years ago
Is this cold composting?
andsteph3 years ago
Simplicity at its best.