did you know some companies will ship you free electronics like leds for free?

here are the sites i used and some i picked up alng the way

Step 1: rules

They are some rules you should know before you start getting free samples from the companies:

* You should never ask for more than you need. .
* Taking free samples from the companies and selling them on places like ebay is nt good,simply dont do it
* Just to be fair to the companies where you got your samples from.


Step 2: leds

www.marktechchopto.com  - leds
www.sunled.com - leds and displays
www.philipslumileds.com high powered leds
www.sensitron.com -led related

ill try add more soon
if you know any more just post a comment

Step 3: switches

www.lambind.com -switches
www.apem.com -switches
www.elestarelays.com -relay switches
www.snaptron.com- tactile domes

i know i havent got many but ill add more soon

Step 4: semi conductors

www.maxim-ic.com -semi conductors
www.analog.com- semi conductors
www.national,com- semi conductors
www.microchip.com- semi conductors
www.intersil.com- semi conductors
www.onsemi.com- semi conductors

Were can i get free stuff for my drone
<p>go to sparkpcb</p>
<p>thanks very much for the info</p>
<p>can anybody tell me the procedure to get free sample for electronics projects.</p>
I tried ordering electronics samples . Its impossible without a corporate email address . Was anybody successful ?
<p>Another step, Give a review of your work with their item. Their own tech support could use info from your idea, to help others seeking to do the same thing. (Within reason, I.E. Proprietary info for your project that you want to copyright., etc.. Some will actually help with the non-disclosure documentation!)</p>
<p>anyone know where you can get led's in the uk??</p>
Where can i get something to become a spy?
Where can i get some free LEDs from
<p>Can hobbyists really get sample parts?</p><p>The forms for samples always asks for your company name and your position. If you are honest and say none or NA can you get samples?</p>
Yes hobbiests can. BUT........you need a really good reason as to WHY they should give you a couple of pieces. If you only need 2 for something small, then buy them. Else, put together your white paper like a business plan and make the proposal. I get stuff frequently by showing my science on paper, offering to pay for some items and asking for only a couple of others that are usually more specialized. Offering to purchase primarily from them if it is a success helps your odds. You can do it but you must be willing to work for them.
<p>Hey ,</p><p>I called up several of the sites , and there was nothing on them about : &quot; free samples &quot; either I am doing something wrong , or this whole thing is a bogus waste of time !!</p><p>Cheers !!....73... </p>
Where can i get free windturbine parts i no its alot
<p>hey, I'm trying to build design a NFC device that would turn on my car. </p><p>I would like to use this:</p><p><a href="http://www.apem.com/Sensory-switches-with-capacitive-technology-v9-d-240.html" rel="nofollow">http://www.apem.com/Sensory-switches-with-capaciti...</a></p><p>But can't find the sample form. </p><p>Any one know where I should look?</p>
The free samples marketing programs, were intended for people who would eventually purchase bulk quantities.&nbsp; Unfortunately, with the internet, Ebay, and a hand-out society, there has already been a lot of abuse, and it's been getting more restrictive to get samples.<br /> <br /> This is a pretty sore topic for me, I'm pretty active on several electronics forums.&nbsp; We had new members who sign up, just because they just received a shipment of free parts, and want to know what they are, and what they can build with them.&nbsp; Some have never even soldered.&nbsp; Some have gotten microcontrollers, but have no programmer, programming experience, and very minimal electronics.&nbsp; We've even had a few trying to sell parts, willing to obtain what they don't have on hand.&nbsp; Really don't like the posts, about how to lie your way through the request survey, to improve your chances.&nbsp; If you have to lie, it's stealing.<br /> <br /> Anyway, you need a real Email address, be a student at the very least, and quite a few places are charging shipping and handling.&nbsp; Leach while you still can...<br />
<p>I haven't signed up yet or do I know much about any of this , but my entire life I have had a idea about magnets and have put it to many thoughts . I only have a G.E.D . and no collage under my belt at all . Do you think this is something I should get into to try out my idea or not ? I'm a honest person with a real email address and I do not like wasting my time or any ones me for that matter . And what if my idea is a failure can I just stop or can I keep trying , I would need some decent size magnets to start and I'm sure I can get this project up and running with the right items , my email address is rinkadink77@gmail.com if you would like to reply there it will be fine , thank you for your time . Have a nice day .</p>
Exactly!<br /> <br /> And I bet half the people who order a ton of free components have no plan on what they're going to do with them once they get them.<br />
<p>Ok so where do I get the dtuff. I need a few Caps and 2 pots for my bass guitar!</p>
Do you know anywhere I could get sample motors? Preferably the smaller brushless(7mm) ones?
Thank you for sharing the lists of places I can obtain free samples.I am learning about electronics concepts by reading instructables. I am comfortable purchasing the parts knowing these are businesses. I am glad that this sites have been listed so I can &amp; check out their catalogs, make purchases according to my project needs. Thank you again for sharing the site links. Onward!
I can't find samples at SunLED :/,<br> i really need some LEDs for my projct
Here you go<br>http://www.sunledusa.com/Samples&amp;Quote.asp<br><br>Assuming your in the US.
anything for poor Canadians? who loves not to pay for shipping
&nbsp;NKK switches does samples but you have to go through their maze to get them.
not really, its just that they recently formed a partnership with mouser electronics so you may have to order from them.
i also found that out
how do i sample for a relay at this website:<a href="http://www.hascorelays.com/" rel="nofollow"> http://www.hascorelays.com/</a> <br /> i need a 5v electromagnetic DPDT relay for this i'ble: <a href="../../../../id/Mousebot-Revisited/" rel="nofollow">www.instructables.com/id/Mousebot-Revisited/</a> <br /> I've been looking at it for a while and I'm stumped..&nbsp; I also am making this on a IC PCB from RadioShack, so i need it to have the correct pin arrangements...<br /> I just need the part number to use in the form!! Thanks!!
Did you sample THAT???<br />
More of a <a href="http://www.instructables.com/tag/?sort=none&amp;limit%3Atype%3AforumTopic=on&amp;q=free+samples" rel="nofollow">forum topic</a> than an instructable, methinks.<br /> <br /> At least, it could have gone in the comments of <a href="http://www.instructables.com/tag/?sort=none&amp;limit%3Atype%3Aid=on&amp;q=free+samples" rel="nofollow">existing Instructables on the subject</a>.<br />
With all this free-stuff do you have a project coming-up?<br /> <br /> L<br />
maybe im a bit busy at the moment , publishing old instructables

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