Free Electricity !!! Free Energy !!! Any Source of Heat !!! Better Than Stirling Engine !!!





Introduction: Free Electricity !!! Free Energy !!! Any Source of Heat !!! Better Than Stirling Engine !!!

How to acquire an electriticy from any source of heat ?? Watch this !!! No sh**t !!!



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    You can buy a "Biolite" camp stove which will charge cell phones , etc.

    beat me to it LOL

    The one i have (and it´s quite big and has maximum input power about 16volts and over 3 amps i think) is not able to to produce more than like 1,5 volts, even when was cooling it directly with running water. Then I ripped off a circuit from solar garden light,because it works like joule thief -and i was able to light up LEDs really good, but i would say Stirlings are better. Sure, this is awesome thing and you can charge batteries with it, but it is not to too much compatible, the voltage is low (amps are very good) and it is pretty expensive. Also you need the same voltage all the time to charge something safely. Without joule thief it is not so great except it can cool down things. the vid:)

    Thank you for an interesting video, though not quite an instructable. Gave me new bright ideas. Have a good day!

    Does the heat need to be on the bottom? I'm thinking use a black one on top (painted?), and immerse the bottom one in a container of liquid fertilizer/nitrogen, then expose the top to the sun. It'd take a few minutes to gear up, but should run fine with continued sun.

    you do understand that high nitrogen fertilizer doesnt contain liquid nitrogen right?

    The best way to use this outside to create free electricity, is to pair it with a solar cell. attach the hot side to your panel which gets quite hot naturally. attach the cold side, to a simple water evapourator, which might consist of a heatsink / aluminium sheet, with a cloth/sponge which will draw water which will evapourate keeping the cool side below air temp. or at least prevent it from balancing out as easily with the hot side.

    Keep in mind copper is a good conductor of electricity, and copper sheet can be used to transfer heat . aluminium however is good at dumping its heat.

    Not to rain on anyone's parade but Peltier modules are a VERY inefficient way to convert heat energy into electricity. They are very expensive and do not provide enough useable current to be of much use unless you just want to power up a few led's or a small fan. I thought about just attaching one to my wood stove but if you have to buy you are not going to get much bang for the buck. Interesing instruct able tho keep up the good work...,and if it were me I'd scrounge one out of an old electric refrigerator/ cooler like the Coleman line.

    The light you get from the candles themselves is way more than you'll ever get from that lightbulb.

    How about instead of candles, you try a Fresnel lens? I've seen those things make pennies explode like firecrackers. Get a small one, check on for old overhead projectors and such. For larger ones, check out:

    He tells you how to get them. Even if you don't plan on building one, it's a good read.

    you can also check out American Science & Surplus - LOADS of neat stuff, cheap. Ex - page size fresnel lens, $2.98