Free IPod Amps & Parts (non-CMoy)





Introduction: Free IPod Amps & Parts (non-CMoy)

A quick intro to those who are still working (like me) with tangent or CMoy amps and have SMD or Pins on small parts to solder... I have Young-Onset Parkinsons Disease (Michael J. Fox, Muhammad Ali etc. etc.) so my hands are not as steady as they used to not BUILD...when you can Mooch...

These EVM (evaluation modules) are built and designed for testing by huge IC firms... just look around and...'um... sign up...hehe..if you can't get Eval boards get sample parts! OP AMPS and many other components are FREE from the original manufacturer. Some are "alternative" parts and the DIP are usually the cheapest. SMD and SOIC devices tend to NOT come in single qty unless you pay a few dollars.

Easy search tools are online for various OP AMP power requirements, form factor and output ratings. Low voltage power requirements are best for portable iPod versions, however 12v+ power with amps over 10W per channel are available for speaker applications. Build your own iPod boombox or dock with amp & speakers!

Most IC firms have free SAMPLES and/or discounts for quantities of ONE. They usually deal with THOUSANDS of parts on tape reels. It's expensive for them to send you ONE part.,so they built these "testbed" or sandbox modules for customer testing...all pre made and with easy pins for attachment to power and audio inputs/outputs! Search IC makers websites and get free samples! These are NOT for resale and are for testing only...;)

You usually get ONE only...but of each type! Order seperate parts or all together!

Also see tangents excellent DIY amps & improved designs from Chu Moy's/Sijoase. Buy his low cost pre-fab IC boards! he has some parts and parts #'s for most distributors

and see the headwize DIY forums for the bleeding edge stuff...! ya way cool.

Links to pictures of Sijoase's amps...was some talkway back of IC board production runs from Sijoase schematics...? hum?



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    I need to update this soon!

    wait so i just ordered the eval board here:
    for free then i was reading the pdf ( ) and it was a little confusing but from what i can understand, it says you need to get the sample amps separate and put them together yourself? please correct me if im wrong because if i understand correctly then i just ordered another thing i cant use.

    yes, you have to assemble many of them yourself...that is why they are cheap or free....try soldering...

    nvm it came in the mail today.. so it turns out its just the board with the circuits printed and you need to add all the parts on your own.

    I got a bunch of stuff in the mail today but its all teeny, tiny chips. How do I get a board for it??? have to MAKE them...

    Hi, i know it's an old instructible, but i have a question. When i'm registering my TI account, then what to put as my company?