There are quite a few instructables on making a DIY macro lens for your iphone, they tell you to find an old camera, and use the old lens on your iphone. However, I did that and to be honest was a bit disappointed on the zoom. Sure, I got some awesome up close pics, but I wanted something a lot closer.

This instructable will tell you how to get up close and personal, with a smartphone/tablet with a good camera , and an old cd or dvd player.

There are a few example shots in this instructable, but I only have an ipod touch 4g, which only has a vga quality camera, so I cannot record hd pics like you might with an iphone. (UPDATE: now I have a smartphone with a 8mp camera, so the last few photos are better quality)

Also, please forgive me, I don't actually have any pictures on how to take apart dvd players and things.

WARNING: I don't take responsibility to any damage you cause to yourself or equipment. Do this at your own risk.

Step 1: Step 1, Take It Apart.

Get an old cd or dvd player that doesn't work or is going to be thrown out. Assuming you can open it with a small selection of philips screwdrivers, take everything out (make sure you don't get any heat transfer paste on clothes or shock yourself on a capacitor etc!!). Look for the laser module, shown below.

Once you manage to get that out, carefully wedge the focusing lens out of the module
<p>Nice job, hope i can do this, i'm seventish it will test my abilities, Thank you.</p>

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