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This project was totally free with items found on trash day in my neighborhood.

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To start with, I found a swivel drafting stool waiting for trash pickup.  Just what I need for this project I thought.   You will have to use your imagination about the condition of the seat and backrest since I removed them before snapping my first picture.   Think gross!!!   Anyway here is the base ready to go

Step 2:

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I salvaged some plywood from a pallet and had some hardware from another salvage project.

Step 3:

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After cutting the plywood to size, I measured the hole positions, drilled the holes and mounted it to the frame.

Step 4:

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Then Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho to the local hazardous waste recycle center I go.   My paint selection today is bright orange and black.  After applying 2 coats of each, it is starting to look decent.

Step 5:

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As a repair aid, I salvaged a magnet from a hard drive and mounted it on the corner to hold screws that I remove from future projects.

Step 6:

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I am a person that frequently services pcs laptops, printers, etc.   This being on a swivel is nice as I can rotate the workspace without having to move the equipment or move out of my chair.   When salvaging items I would definitely find a barstool or chair that is on a swivel base.

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OK...... maybe I lied a little.   This project did cost me 2 paint brushes which I got at the dollar store for 3/1.00.   Let's just call it practically free instead!!!!!


aaahotdog (author)2012-05-08

Thank you

bobzjr (author)2012-05-06

Very Nice! I really like how you salvaged something that was trash and made it something which is probably more useful than it was in its prior life. Thank you for posting this instructable. I plan to try this out next time I run across extra chair hardware.

l8nite (author)2012-05-06

great idea ! something else for me to keep my eyes open for while curb mining. Thank you for sharing

Kiteman (author)2012-05-06

That's a great idea, at an even better price!

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