Installation of a drain that is flush with the tile.  This Instructable has been created by an individual remodeler, who is in no way affiliated with Noble.  It is supplemental to the installation instructions created by the manufacturer and not intended to replace them.


Step 1: Cut Subfloor and Set Drain

Use the drain body as a template to mark the subfloor.  Cut out the subfloor so that the flange rests on the floor.  You will notice that the flange is the thickness of typical floor backerboard.  The backer board will butt up against the drain body on the bath floor outside the shower.

NOTE: This drain can be installed with or without a shower curb.  If the curb is used, then the subfloor does not need to be cut out.
That looks like a really nice neat job, thanks for sharing your advice and experience.
Really beautiful! Never seen this before, why continuing to install 'hole drains' once you saw this?!
Very interesting. Thanks

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Bio: I am a bath installer by trade. I also enjoy gardening. I just celebrated my 19th wedding anniversary.
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