Picture of Freeform Crochet bag:
front of bag with model web.jpg
back of bag with model web.jpg
I have crocheted for years and make my own patterns, but recently I stumbled across 'Freeform Crochet' on flickr.  As soon as I saw this arty style of crochet I wanted to have a go! I upcycled a plain bag by covering it over with my own freeform crochet pieces.  I hope to inspire any fellow crocheters out there to have a go as it is a lot of fun!

Step 1: What is freeform crochet?

Picture of What is freeform crochet?
Finished Scrumbles web.jpg
scrumbles 4b web.jpg
In simplest terms, freeform crochet is like doodling with yarn!  You don't follow a pattern but make decisions as you go along, changing the yarn/fibers colour and thickness, type of stitch, and even direction of the crochet as you work.  A panel of freeform crochet is made up of many smaller 'patches' or 'scrumbles' (the word coined by Sylvia Cosh and James Walters) which are then joined together.  By nature the scrumbles are irregular shapes and sometimes as the scrumbles are joined up, gaps appear and require small irregular mini-patches to be made or a few inpromptu crochet stitches to be added into the piece (it's all part of the fun of freeform).  I was surprised to learn that freeform crochet dates back to the 1960's and 1970's and probably had it's origins in Irish Crochet.
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myrrhmaid3 days ago

This is gorgeous!

Absolutely beautiful! I hadn't thought of using my old bags. You could even buy bags at the thrift store for this! Thanks!


That is the happiest tote I've ever seen! Congrats on the contest win!
Moogieof4 (author)  flyingpuppy1 year ago
Thanks! It was a lot of fun to make :)
Wongachick1 year ago
Well done, you are amazing, so proud of you. xx
jputnam21 year ago
I love this!!
poofrabbit1 year ago
Congratulations on being a finalist in the fiber arts contest!! Good luck to you!
I love free form crochet. It's so much more artistic. Your bag turned out great!
naomifair1 year ago
When I first saw your post, I thought it was a sea scape with an octopus. I love it! I think this may qualify for the "Sew It Warm" contest. Have you thought about entering?
bajablue1 year ago
Gorgeous and unique!!!!
Oh, I just love it! Looks like so much fun to make!
sunshiine1 year ago
This is beautiful! My daughter and I recently played around with this style. You have inspired me! Thanks for sharing.
ChrysN1 year ago
Gorgeous purse! I've never tried freeform crochet, it looks like a lot of fun and a great way to use up bits of left over yarn.