I was inspired when I first read the Instructables' staff's guide to building treadmill desks. It was leg pain from sitting too long during an intense work project, though, that finally got me to build my own.
After looking at pictures online of a number of other people's projects, I identified a couple must-haves for my own:
-Freestanding : I was planning to move, didn't want to make holes in the wall that I'd have to turn around and patch, and I couldn't be sure my next place would allow wall-mounting.
-Collapsible : I was sharing a one-bedroom with my partner, and we wanted the treadmill belt to be able to fold up when I wasn't using it to free up the space.

Step 1: Get a Treadmill

Following the advice of other builders, I started my search with a post in the "wanted" section of my local Craigslist.
Through lucky timing, I connected with a collapsible treadmill owner who in the process of decluttering.
Not all treadmills are collapsible, so I specified in my ad that I wanted a collapsible one, and verified this detail with people who responded to my ad before going any further. Before picking up the treadmill I was ready to accept, I also asked the owner to send measurements to verify it would fit in the small space available to me. 
Nice, simple design :)

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