Freestyle Swimming | How to Do Advanced Flip Turns




Introduction: Freestyle Swimming | How to Do Advanced Flip Turns

Here is a second more advanced video on how to do flip turns while swimming freestyle in a pool.

Step 1: Here Are 4 Tips That Will Make You Fast!

1- Head position.

Practice keeping your head in line with your body at all time.

2- Instant stream line.

At the moment your feet leave the wall, you should be in a perfect stream line.

3- Core strength.

To do a very fast turn, you need to develop a fairly strong core.

4- Knees at 90 degrees.

To have the optimal push, your knees need to be very close to a 90 degree bent.

With a good flip turn you can generate a lot of speed off the wall, but you need to carry it through your stroke or otherwise it will be lost in the first second after the push. So make sure to subscribe and wait for the next tutorial where I will describe some of my favorite flip turn drills. I will soon do videos on how to do a good underwater kick and a break out to maintain the initial speed off the wall!



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